Kiss the Prince by Amanda Adams

Ella Miermont’s beloved father was executed ten years ago as a traitor to the crown. Despite her noble blood, Ella has been forced to work as a servant in her own home, a slave to her cruel stepmother’s whims and the taunts of her stepsisters. But it’s the night of the Masquerade Ball, and Ella is determined to pursue pleasure in the arms of a handsome and dominant lover. Just for one magical night.
Prince Dorian of Syrenne is tired of his father’s ceaseless matchmaking. When the king tells him he must choose a bride in the next few weeks, Dorian defies him and disguises himself as a servant at the Dungeon Masquerade. There, he meets a beautiful and mysterious woman who submits to his firm hand with a seductive innocence that captures his heart. But all too soon, his lover runs away, leaving nothing behind but a glass slipper and memories of unbridled passion he cannot forget.
Fate seems determined to keep Ella from finding happiness. Her stepmother has promised her to a lecherous old enemy, and once the bride price is paid, she cannot escape that union. Her secret lover, a castle servant named Dorian, has mysteriously disappeared, and besides, there is no hope for a future with him now that she is betrothed. Ella is trying to find a way to escape all her troubles when she stumbles into a plot to kill the Crown Prince. She must forget about Dorian and her own desires, and risk both her life and freedom to stop an innocent man from being murdered – even if he is a member of the royal family who labeled her father a traitor.
But Dorian has been keeping many secrets… and now, his enemies threaten them both.
Welcome to the magical kingdom of Syrenne, where humans coexist with werewolves, vampires, dragons and witches. Where the men are dominant and the women submissive. Where order can only be upheld with the tightest adherence to the laws…
Disclaimer: Kiss The Prince is a magical romance which contains explicit scenes, including spanking and elements of BDSM. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not read it.
Enjoy this free Excerpt of Kiss the Prince:
My mind raced as I admitted what I truly wanted this night, to have a man like him for myself, to be naked and vulnerable before a dominant’s strength. I needed to be conquered, fucked until I was couldn’t sense anything but the power of his thrusting cock, could no longer think, or even remember my name.
The woman who stood before him bent forward over a padded post that came to her hips. She gasped and squirmed, her heavy breasts bare and hanging toward the floor. Her lover tied her hands to a set of heavy iron rings affixed to the wall, one of many such rings in the tunnels beneath the castle, and not the only set in use. The woman’s yellow mask identified her as a submissive for the evening. She was naked now, but pooled on the floor near her lay the pale green dress worn by maids who served in the castle.
Unable to move, I stood like a statue as the large man stroked her bare bottom with his hand before spanking her, hard.
She jerked against the chains, her cry of pain transforming into a moan of pleasure as his hand struck again. And again.
The plug in her bottom would move with each firm strike and I wondered what the woman felt as he fired her blood, as the object plunged in and out of her body.
My eyes grew dry as I refused to blink, unwilling to look away as the guard dropped to his knees behind her and pushed the cheeks of her bottom open to expose her wet core. I forgot to breathe as he leaned forward and thrust his long tongue into her wet heat.