Love Triangles by Eve Spire

What would you risk for a chance at true love?

Devon risks everything when she leaves her small hometown to attend college, to make something of herself in the big city. Upon a visit home, she is devastated to find her true love engaged to her best friend. The years that follow are full of success and sex, but her heart and backside yearn for another.

Blake is devastated when his child hood sweetheart leaves for New York and returns home engaged to another. He always regretted not risking everything to go after her and settling for marrying her best friend instead. Years later, a successful Devon returns home, and she is looking for him. He isn’t sure that he can risk the heart ache of loving her again – or sharing her with her husband.

Grant gambles on love and marries Devon, knowing she loves someone else. Together they build a very lucrative business. Oh, and have some steamy fun to pass the time. But over the years, he watches their relationship become more comfortable as best friends and business partners, rather than as lovers. Not to mention promises he’s made in the past, that torture him in the present.

Libby loves a man who loves someone else, but she is willing to risk everything – including friendship and heartache – to get what she wants… and who she wants.

Most of the time true love wins. But what happens when it’s put to the test in love triangles?


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