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Instincts Awaken by Bryony Kildaire

In the hidden community of magical Chicago, where humans, Fae, and supernatural predators live side-by-side, half-Fae, Clare, lands in trouble when her long-suppressed instincts begin to surface in inappropriate displays. Though she’s an adult by human standards, the Fae kinship courts order Clare into the custody of an uncle she has never met. Though fearful that she will be mistreated, her uncle’s strict, affectionate handling brings her a deep submissive pleasure. Long neglected, Clare begins to blossom emotionally and sensually as she submits to preparation for a traditional Fae mating, and it’s not long before her burgeoning desires draw attention.

Forest keeper Rory Seaborn is a full-blooded Fae whose cynical attempts to keep a distance can’t withstand the submissive signals Clare is putting out. But if she chooses to accept Rory’s attentions and become his mate, Clare is committing to a life among the clannish Fae-and a life of complete submission. Can Clare surrender herself entirely to gain her deepest desires?


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