Lillian Learns the Hard Way by Georgia Harries

Lillian Charteris has a head for business, and has spent years working alongside her father, Alexander, preparing to take over the family’s real estate enterprise, Charteris Inc. When her father dies suddenly, Lillian knows that she is ready. Her formidable talents are impossible to ignore.

But neither she nor her family are prepared for the reading of the will. When it leaves Lillian staggering with the knowledge that she isn’t inheriting Charteris Inc., she defiantly contests the new heir apparent, Johnny Gordons-Lamond.

Young and affluent, Johnny has continued to make his family’s business prosper at his hands, and intends to do the same with Charteris Inc. He knows what it takes to run a successful enterprise – and can see that Lillian could help him do so, if she could only be made to see so herself. Can he contend with Lillian’s fiery temper? Or will he need to take her in hand and across his knee?


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