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Stephanie’s Slavery by Cerise Noble

In the future, the world as we know it has ended in a cataclysmic bombardment of all the major population centers of the world, causing the breakdown of civilization, the flooding of half the earth, and a wholesale loss of technology. Small pockets of survivors struggle to form communities, banding together for protection. A woman or child is only as safe as the man defending them, and a man is just as vulnerable as his woman and child make him.

Such primitive communities function properly only if there is a stable, perhaps even feudalistic, hierarchy in place, with a good leader at the top. Stephanie lives in a village that’s just about as unsafe for a young woman as it can get. The village governor, a rapist and abuser, tries to take her for his own.
Stephanie has a close relationship with pain; one that makes her crave it, need it, and desire it. Without it, she is lost. The men in her life are beginning to understand this about her, but they also understand that some painful experiences, like rape, are too much-even for someone who lives for pain. With the help of her best friend, Jessica, Jessica’s husband, Roy, his best friend, Tobin, and Tobin’s half brothers, Gerard and Simon, Stephanie flees the village, rather than be taken and used by the vicious governor.
But such a small group living on its own in the wilderness is no one’s notion of an ideal life, so they start a settlement, one that eventually becomes a magnet for people able to recognize a stable community with good leadership. The security provided by the new community is welcome, but it cannot answer for all of Stephanie’s needs and desires. She still very much relies on the cleansing properties of external, inflicted pain-especially of a sound and thorough spanking-to overshadow and relieve her of the internal pain she never can completely avoid. But can she trust her men, these new village leaders, to deliver what she requires?
This story contains elements of intense BDSM play including cutting, dubious consent, ménage and spanking, as well as explicit erotic scenes. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.


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