The Teacher’s Strike by Gabby Matthews

This debut novella by Gabby Matthews marks the first historical fiction of the 2012 Chicago teachers’ strike. Based on extensive investigative research of the monumental event led by the 30,000 – strong Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), Matthews weaves a complex narrative that seamlessly blends perilous romantic intimacy with sultry political struggle.

School administrators pegged Telly Jorgenson as a ‘troubled’ teenager – in and out of six local high schools in two years. The walls of his current school didn’t seem any likelier to hold him. Not until Clair, his former classmate and new young teacher, walked back into his life.

All at once, a teachers’ work strike closes all the classrooms in the Windy City and opens the doors to Telly and Clair’s budding romance. But as austere school officials and gossiping classmates get wind of the teacher-student affair, the pair’s igniting passion is tested next to their growing affection for one another. The Teacher’s Strike offers a coming-of-age story filled with educational lessons (and some classroom spankings) of a lifetime!

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