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Reading Her Heart by Ashlynn Kenzie

Major change is needed in 26-year-old Andee Carlisle’s life, but the student who has managed to make a career of the college party life on her father’s dime can’t see it happening.


Nicholas Benjamin, reader for Buckley Resources and a writer of spanking erotica, is prepared to be that agent of change. But Miss Carlisle is blind to the vital, disciplinary role he can play in her life, as well.


In fact, the headstrong young lady can’t see anything at all, thanks to a vision-threatening eye infection that has plunged her into physical darkness and jeopardized her ability to complete a degree before her long-suffering father cuts off all financial support.


Nick proves to be just what the doctor ordered, and precisely what Miss Carlisle has been looking for all her life, but it takes a while for the stubborn student to come to terms with the fact that her perspective on the world is clearest when she sees things from her position over his lap.


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Strength in Submission by R.R. Greaves

In the first book of this series, From Seduction to Submission, Natalie, a confident, intelligent and independent lawyer, had given herself to the enigmatic and dominant Mr. James, eventually begging him to take her as his slave.


Since that momentous decision two months previously, she has never looked back and spent much of her non-working time being taken on a series of erotic adventures that would have been beyond her comprehension a few short months before.


Despite her initial misgivings, her Master turns out to be benevolent, encouraging her to push her limits, let herself go and enjoy the freedom of being led by another. Giving him total trust, she submits to and partakes in adventures that seem so incongruous – but which deliver such erotic outcomes and mind-altering pleasures that she finds herself wanting more and more of what only he can offer.


In a seemingly antithesis of her submission, she thrives in the workplace as her submission makes her even stronger and more assertive; resulting in her becoming a full partner in her firm. Eventually she finds herself in a situation she would not have expected in her wildest dreams, wondering where this latest twist will take her.


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Blood on the Wall by Samantha Stein

Drawn by the scent of death and despair, as guardian of the old forest, Tarik goes to investigate the death of the area’s old druid. In the grisly scene he finds there, he also runs into a reporter who may turn out to be the endangered forest’s only hope. Jayne has come for the scoop on the murder, but when she comes in contact with the old druid’s blood, her heritage awakens and her essence begins to change.


Reluctant to believe Tarik’s explanations, she ignores the fantastic changes to her mind and body and chooses to run home instead. But when the druid’s killer decides she’s an unresolved loose end, she must quickly come to terms with her new reality, before her ignorance winds up killing them all.


Note:  “Blood On the Wall” isn’t a typical Blushing Books release but is a new offering from Mystic Books.  We hope you’ll give it a try, it’s only $.99 on Amazon (free if you have Amazon Prime!).

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