Judging Cicely by Pippa Greathouse

Available September 29th from Blushing Books


A new generation of Strasburg is in full bloom. The twins of Cinderella and Henson Andrews are nineteen now and home from school for a month. And no less mischievous, to the entire town’s dismay.

Cicely has loved Abel Carter for most of her life. But last year, when he put her across his knee for one of her pranks on another Strasburg citizen, she had decided she could never face him again.

Abel, now known as the firm and fair judge in Shenandoah County, has never stopped loving her. But he’s determined that she will begin to act like a grown up young lady, instead of the impish, naughty child she’s always been.

Cicely is determined to please him and to turn over a new leaf, regardless of what it takes. Unfortunately, trouble seems to follow her, no matter where she goes or what she does. And when she ends up facing him in court, she can’t believe it’s happening.

And Abel is the one person in town who can—and will—see to it that she behaves.

Publisher’s Note: This is a delightful story of young lovers, containing sweet romance yet firm disciplining of errant young ladies. If this sort of story offends, please do not buy.




She looked up, up, and still further upward, as he moved closer to her and reached out to put two fingers under her chin, lifting her face further to study her.

She froze as she forced herself to look into the narrowed blue eyes of Abel Carter.

When he spoke again, his distinctly familiar voice made her tingle, remembering their last encounter.

“I am indeed. And,” he added. “I would suggest that you think twice about pulling any childish pranks on the citizens of Strasburg this time.” He paused, looking from one to the other.

“Otherwise, you may just end up facing me in court.” His gaze lit again on the girl in front of him.

“Good day, Cicely Allison,” he said sternly.