Little Hope’s Doctor (Healer Series Book 3) by Char Cauley

Available October 17th from Blushing Books



Just as dawn was breaking, the leader of the mercenaries broke into the open, calling out to the lairds. The gate was opened and five large, confident lairds, with their arms crossed, stood, feet shoulder length apart, their hair flowing in the wind. Their massive arms were evidence of their strength.

The mercenary looked amused. “Surrender your abbey and all that is within, and we will let the women and children go.”

Wolf stepped forward. “Nae, you know the rules; you will have to fight for it. Many of you will die today.”

“So be it, Wolf, your women and children will die with you.” He turned and gave a signal.

A hundred men stepped from the forest and the meadow. Many more waited behind, where they could not yet be seen.

Weapon in hand, the leader again addressed Wolf and the other lairds. “I ask one more time. Wolf, you and your men surrender, and we will spare the women and children.”

Rolland turned to Wolf and said, “This would be a good time for the damn animals to show themselves.”

The lairds could see the confidence and arrogance in the leader’s eyes. He was ready to kill everyone, including women and children. The lairds knew what was at stake. If they didn’t hold the abbey, their clans would be next.