“If you marry me, I’ll want you in my house, in my life, and in my bed.”

Lizzie has known and loved Thomas all her life. But they are at an impasse. Neither of her brothers are willing to run Pembroke in her parents’ absence, and it has fallen to her. When Thomas gives her his mandate, she is heartbroken. It seems there is nothing they can agree upon.

Thomas is ready to marry. Lizzie is not. Can they have a future together at all? When she is called to the deathbed of a family acquaintance the day after Christmas, her wrists are clasped and she is pulled closer. The woman stares into her face and says, “I’m sorry, Elizabeth. I’m so sorry.” And the woman dies, right in front of her. Suddenly, Lizzie finds her life complicated beyond belief as she realizes she’s the sole heir of yet another estate, one inhabited by a ‘familiar.’

Thomas is there, although he has no idea if there is a future for them.
He’s her strength, her rock, and her encourager.

And Lizzie wonders if she’ll ever be able to dispel the regrets that plague her.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed, sweet, historical romantic mystery contains themes of power exchange.

Author Interview

What is your writing process like?

Oh, my. Rather haphazard, I think. It usually starts with an idea, or sometimes a dream. Sometimes, an experience or something I’ve witnessed.  And a notebook, and a pencil. I use pencils rather than pens most of the time because I scribble notes everywhere. After that, I write a chapter or two, to see where it leads and if I like reading it I’ll likely keep going. If I don’t like going back and reading it, no one else will either.   Once during a chat session we discussed being pantsers or plotters. I mentioned I used to be a pantser and one of the gals choked and spit tea all over her keyboard.  In the later books, I learned to plot. A lot. Now, I outline.

What genre’s do you write in?

That’s an interesting question. Lately I seem to have gravitated toward mystery/suspense/thriller, however I still love writing historicals. 1849 seems to be my ‘go to’ year for writing. The rail had not made it all the way across the country, the gold rush hadn’t started, the civil war had not taken place yet and the country was still young. It was less than a hundred years since the birth of our country as a nation and it was still very fresh and new.

Having said that, however, contemporary mystery with an erotic twist really has a lovely ring to it! I’m keeping the Pippa name strong, but adding another pseudonym to the more erotic mystery themes.  The name I’ve chosen is Tessa Carr, for those. They’re quite a bit spicier than my Pippa books, and the men in it tend to be old fashioned, like their parents and grandparents before them.

What books would ideally sit beside Pippa Greathouse books on a shelf at the bookstore?

A tough one. Toni Anderson’s books I dearly love. Catherine Coulter’s FBI series on CD have kept me entertained on many a long trip back and forth across the country.  When I grew up, I lived on Mary Stewart’s books Madam Will you Talk? Was one I read again and again. I found a copy at a local book store not long ago and can’t wait to read it again.

What was the hardest part about writing No Regrets?

Without a doubt, it was saying goodbye to the characters in Strasburg and Pembroke. All of the characters wanted to have a part in it, with the exception of Miri and the Captain, and I didn’t argue with them. Instead, Father Michael told a story about them.  These couples have been like family over the past four years.

Lizzie’s story probably should have been written long ago, but I just hat trouble making myself sit down and do it. I didn’t want to see their story end.  I cried all the way through it. Perhaps that sounds a bit silly, but I had several years invested in them, and my readers assured me they did too.

If you could travel to any time, who would you choose?

Again, I think 1849. The era of the Revolutionary war would be a close second for me. I love history and those were new days, adventurous days.

But I must say I like current times as well!

~Pippa Greathouse


Lizzie turned to face Thomas, furious. “It’s my house, and I have every right to leave it if someone is in danger. I honestly thought it might be you!”

“I’m a grown man, Lizzie. I can take care of myself. And how is it James let you out? I left him with instructions to keep you inside.”

“He tried to stop me, but he couldn’t. It’s not his fault.”

He rolled his eyes. “Good Lord. I take my eyes off you for one single moment—”

“You don’t own me, Thomas,” Lizzie snapped, her hands on her hips, and faced him.

Large hands gripped her waist, and a moment later, she found herself thrown over his shoulder. A hard hand delivered an even harder swat to her bottom.

Her head came up at the swat. “Oh! How dare you, Thomas! Put me down!”

“When I’m ready. And at the end of the day, you should know you’ve earned a spanking,

and I’ll be the one to give it. Keep that in mind throughout the afternoon. Especially if you’re tempted to disobey my orders again.”