Lulled into a false sense of security

Katherine has found a new love with the dominant Jack, but he sometimes behaves strangely and keeps disappearing.
Turns out he’s from the past and has traveled to the present to find her.

Desperate to be more involved in his adventures, she’s frustrated by his secrets, even if he is only trying to protect her.

On top of that, there’s a storm on the horizon, and it could ruin her newfound happiness.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy time travel romance contains elements of power exchange.

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Five fun facts about the author

Five fun facts about Kessily Lewel? Well, this could hit high levels of bizarre, but I’ll start with a tame one.

  1. When I was a child I had a Sunflower phobia, and nightmares about them for years after seeing Van Gogh’s Sunflower paintings.
  2. I am actually submissive and have two Dominants. A lot of what I accomplish is thanks to their assistance with motivation.
  3. At one point I had two Significant Others and we all lived together for three years. I married one of them two years ago on the rooftop patio of the Rio in Vegas.
  4. My first kinky story was published when I was about twenty-two. I lost track of how many stories I had published when it passed two hundred.
  5. I started my writing career by accident. I was working as a kink artist for a couple magazines and I was asked if I could write too…so, I gave it a shot and apparently it worked out!




But the stroke, when it came, wasn’t unduly harsh. It landed lengthwise across her ass, slapping the left cheek and the top of her thigh with a crisp slap. He was using a length of the belt unfolded, which did give it a bit more of a burn when it landed. She let the small momentum rock her forward with a soft grunt, ass wiggling in response, as a trickle of arousal soaked her folds and the short pelt of red curls that covered them.

“You like that, kitten?” Jack asked, watching her reaction with a pleased look. All his earlier irritation was gone, and he’d settled in to enjoy himself for the rest of the night. She might never get out of punishment again so easily, but just this one time, he was glad he’d let it go. “Show me how much you like it,” he said, before she could reply—it was the motivation for her to move beyond the teasing and get to the good part, and he followed it up by bringing the belt down sharply across the right side of her ass.

At some point, the tight braid keeping her hair under control had come undone, leaving it wild and loose, and she looked up at him through a curtain of red curls. She played her tongue over her bottom lip, stalling because she wanted another taste of leather.


Author Bio

I started out as a spanking artist for C.F. Publications more years ago than I care to admit. Within a few months I ended up writing for various magazines as well, and I’ve been doing both ever since. While this is only my fourth novel, I’ve written hundreds of short stories and articles over the years, and I’ve had one book of spanking illustrations published with another coming soon.

I’m a happily married Poly woman who mostly identifies as submissive, and I spend a lot of time online making new friends from all around the world. I have a deep love of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy and I enjoy exploring D/s relationships through those genres.


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