Natalia’s routine life turns upside-down when her younger sister, Camila, moves in with her to attend college. It’s difficult for Natalia to see her sister as a young adult and reacts badly when she finds Camila in a compromising situation with her boyfriend, Alejandro. Natalia, remembering her own mistake at eighteen, tries to put rules in place to curtail Camila’s budding romance, but Camila balks at her mothering.

Professor Oscar Jackson has almost given up hope on finding a wife who not only wants him to be in charge, but thrives under his direction. When his student, Camila, passes out in class, he calls her emergency contact and takes her to the campus clinic to make sure she’s okay. At the clinic, he runs into Camila’s beautiful older sister, and he’s instantly smitten.

Will Oscar be able to convince her to date again? And if so, is she the type of woman he’s been searching for, or will she be another in a string of failed relationships? And what about Camila and Alejandro?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains a theme of power exchange, an exciting chase around Vegas, and an HEA.

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He watched as she immediately wiped the tears off her face and then put both hands back under her skirt to rub the sore skin. A few tears still leaked out, and she was sniffling but not actively crying. She hadn’t made eye contact yet, choosing to stare at the ground instead of him.

“Okay, I want you to fix your tights, and then come sit on my lap for a minute so I can hold you while we talk.”

She brought her eyes up to his, sniffled, pouted, and rubbed her bottom a few more times, before pulling the tights up. Once they were in place, she gave him a reproachful glare and said, “That sucked.” But then she gingerly eased herself down onto his lap, scooting around to find the most comfortable position. “And you were mean,” she added, leaning the side of her face against his chest and clutching his shirt in her hand, which gave very little credence to her verbal complaints.

He wrapped his arms around her and gently rubbed her back. “Mean, huh?” he teased.

“Yes. You said you wanted it to hurt.” She sniffled again.

“That’s because I do want it to hurt when I spank you.”

She huffed and remained silent.

Continuing to rub her back, he added, “But I also want you to feel better once it’s done.”

She leaned back to glare up at him.

“Emotionally,” he clarified. “Any guilt you might have been feeling should be gone, because you’re completely forgiven. You’ve paid for your mistakes, and the slate is wiped clean. Any anger on my part was gone before we started, and I hope that any anger or resentment you might be feeling right now won’t linger.”

She leaned against him again, closed her eyes, and shrugged. “I’m not angry. I agreed to it, and I was pretty sure this would be the outcome when I left for the track. I just didn’t realize it would be quite so painful.”

“And now that you’ve experienced it, will you try to avoid it in the future?”


“That’s why I want it to hurt when I spank you. Not because I’m trying to be mean, and not because I like to see you hurting, but because I want it to work.”

Patting her back, he said, “If you’re ready, we should head to the airport.”

Sighing, she stood, slipped her shoes on and adjusted her skirt. “Let me check my face in the bathroom, and then I’ll be ready.”

“Sounds good.”