I crave a Daddy.

I need a Daddy to discipline me, keep me following the rules, and teach me how to be the perfect little. The only problem is I hate punishment.

Train me to be all yours, and I won’t disappoint you, Daddy.

Publisher’s Note: This is a collection of five steamy, full-length romance novels – Little Prim and Proper, Little Lizzie’s Reform, Delia’s Debt, A Proper Punishment, and Little Brides – which contain power exchange and scenes which may trigger some readers.


He pushed the hair behind her ear, meeting her stare, unwilling to let her steal a glance away. “I want you to become mine and mine alone.” His breath met her lips, kissing her, easing the tension from her body as she melted into his embrace. Charles wrapped his arms snugly around her body, one hand at her lower back, pressing her to him. “At night, as my wife and the mother of my girls, I want to reward you for the passion you have. I want to make you little.”

“Little?” Delia repeated, her brow furrowed as she glanced down at herself. “I may not be a large woman, Charles, but I find the title of little quite repressive. I am not a child. Yes, I have a small frame and am far shorter than your previous nanny, but I will do nothing to shorten my stature or my size.”

A smile etched to Charles’ face. “No. I have failed to elaborate. Let me,” he said, gesturing for her to be quiet until he was completely done speaking. “I desire to make your life as easy and carefree as possible. In a wife, I wish her only to please me and have no other responsibilities. Of course, with two young girls, there have to be some considerations that must go into place, which means the job of being a little one with me is from the moment the children are asleep until they awaken in the morning.”

“What if they wake up during the night? I am their nanny as well,” Delia said.

“Yes, I remember the arrangement, and I do believe that most nights the girls sleep without a sound. On the rare occasion that they awaken, I will tend to them.”

“What must I do as your little one? I have never been asked such a request before.”

Charles was not surprised to find she did not know what to expect. It may have been made aware to him the other night that she was not a virgin, but that did not mean she knew all that he had when it came to sex. He would enlighten her on the experience of submission and what it meant to be little again.

“You will follow my instruction and remember to answer me as Poppa. Failure will result in a strict and obedient punishment to your precious bottom.”

“Will you spank me?” Delia asked.

“Yes. That is just one type of punishment that your bottom will be met with, among other treats.”

She gasped, her eyes wide and cheeks flushed. Had he managed to turn her on?

He let his hands slowly drop from their position around her as he took a step back, letting her decide if this was what she wanted to do. If she felt the urgency to run, he was not going to chase another young woman down and beg her to reconsider the request. She had to find the desire within her heart as well.

“When do we begin?”

Charles felt his cock harden at her words. He most certainly did not expect her to be on board with his request. Most women begged him to reconsider, how they liked one aspect but not another of being little. Delia seemed open to the experience, which only further electrified his body into craving her tonight.

“Undress,” he commanded, staring at her body, enjoying the sight as she slowly worked her hands behind her.

“I need help, Poppa,” Delia said, showing him the back of her gown.

His fingers graced her neck and down her back as he loosened the ribbons of the garment. “Such a fancy dress is not appropriate for my little one to wear to bed.”

Charles stepped back, letting her slide out of the gown as he walked to the armoire, retrieving a sheer purple gown. “Put this on,” he said, instructing her on what to do to please him.

Delia wordlessly stood naked in front of him, her cheeks and chest blushing crimson as she waited for him to hand her the gown. It did very little to cover her rosy nipples as they poked through the fabric.

He smiled, pleased that she had listened to him. Charles walked to his dresser. Opening the bottom drawer, he jostled several clothes around before retrieving a small black box.

“What do you have there?” she asked.

“A present for my little Lia,” Charles said. Removing the lid, the light from the fireplace offered a glimpse of the contents inside the box. His eyes shined with mirth as he patted the bed. “Come sit. I want to show you the gift I have for you.”

Delia sat down, her eyes peering at the contents of the glass object, a curious expression on her face. “What is it?”

“A plug, for your bottom.” The end was round, like a nipple, but far narrower. As the glass extended, it thickened in size and girth, with a rounded shape that fanned out and widened until it narrowed just slightly before jutting out with a rectangular handle.

“Why?” Delia asked, scooting back on the bed, further from Charles.

“I want you to experience pleasure as I claim every part of you as my own.” His fingers grazed her lips and moved to her chest, lingering on her heart as the tips of his fingers grazed a nipple. “More importantly, though, I want your heart as I make you mine,” he said, his fingers moving down between her thighs. Already, her quim was coated in a sleek wetness, revealing her arousal to him. “Then, last, I shall take you here,” he said, running his fingers over the soft downy skin of her bottom. He waited to probe and separate her cheeks until she relaxed, wanting to make the experience good for her as much as him. “You will only come when I tell you to, when I give you permission to touch yourself or to touch me. Is that understood?”

Delia obediently nodded. “Yes, Poppa.”