It’s that time of year again. Yards across the neighborhood are filling up with fake tombstones, cobwebs and corn sheaths. Glowing pumpkins grin from front porches and candy and costumes are on every busy woman’s shopping list.

But grown-up girls like treats, too, and this month Blushing Books is offering a free download of Sharon Green’s Guilty Blood. Vampires are hot, and as main character Leda discovers, they can be masters of getting exactly what they want from feisty mortals.

Getting the free download of Guilty Blood is easy. Simply go to our bookstore, add the book to your cart and check out for fee. No cost, no hassle, no commitment. Of course, while you’re there we hope you’ll have a look at some of our other sexy, spooky October reads.

Remember, the offer only lasts until October 31! Happy Reading!