Odelia’s Pirate by Susie Daniel
Marauding pirates. A Princess incognito. A spanking-hot dystopian romance!

Odelia won’t give in easily to the pirates who try to rob the coach she shares with passengers who have no idea she is the king’s daughter. She bites the leader and sweeps his feet out from under him. The other passengers do nothing to come to her aid.
Felix grabs the sassy brat and tosses her over his knee, intent on giving her a firm spanking. Unfortunately for him, the king arrives in the nick of time. But does he? Instead of preventing his daughter’s discipline, he carries out his own swift justice. The unfortunate princess and the pirate who dared to tame her are bound together at the wrists by a length of rope.
“The one who removes this rope without my authority will be put to death,” the King declares.
He commands the pirate to finish taming his willful daughter, who had been trying to escape from marrying the man her father had chosen. He cautions the pirate to protect his daughter’s virtue, but otherwise, Felix is free to discipline her as he sees fit. Only when the princess chooses to return to the palace and marry will the rope be removed.
They have more than their own stubbornness to overcome! Danger lurks at every turn. Somehow, they must learn to work together – their very survival depends on it!