Is their love to be destroyed because of Royal expectations?

Madelief Evers was born closely intertwined into the lives of the Dutch monarchy. She has experienced it all—from lavish parties in Amsterdam to the prying eyes of the Netherlands. But no one faces it more head on than Prince Jasper Vey. As close as Madelief and Jasper were in their younger years, now in their early twenties, there might as well be the distance of the entire country between them, despite living in the same palace. Madelief can’t stand the way he parades women through the hallways and flaunts his good looks and alluring status.

But when Christmas and its celebrations fall upon them, Madelief and Jasper grow back together, starkly and suddenly, with the truth of why they fell apart to begin with coming to light. Swept up in a new, irrevocable passion, Madelief and Jasper are unable to stay away from one another. But they are suddenly immersed in a world that’s against them, filled with unrelenting gazes, unstoppable challenges, and irreversible tragedy, with only the solidarity of their time alone to escape to.

This is book one with a happily for now. Book two coming soon.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary, Royal romance contains elements of mystery, angst, self-discovery, sensual scenes, mild power exchange, and a happily for now.

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“Fuck me, Jasper. Please,” I said desperately.

“Ride me, Elie.”

I moved my underwear aside slightly and slid onto his throbbing cock, until he was completely buried inside of me. And then I started riding him, just as hard and fast as I could, grinding my hips and moving up and down. I was moaning loudly, drowning out his soft, sexy groans as his hands went to my hips, still covered by my skirt. Jasper thrust into me as well, meeting me as I came down, and there was so much erotic sound and friction and bodies entwined, combined, us as one.

After five or so minutes, Jasper cursed swiftly in Dutch before raggedly whispering, “Fuck. I’m going to come already.”

I kissed him, biting his lower lip gently, and then parted from his mouth and bounced up and down on his length. My naked tits were moving in front of his face, and his fingers dug into my hips with harsh pressure that felt so fucking good. I was close too, but I was desperate for him to finish.

He cursed breathlessly as I moved on top of him and came deep inside of me, and it was so intensely sensual and hot. Even when he finished, Jasper didn’t lose an ounce of fervor. He moved us lithely so I was against the back of the armchair and he was kneeling in front of it on the floor.

He ripped my tights farther open, pulled my underwear aside, and grabbed my legs to move them onto his shoulders. I hooked my ankles behind his neck as his head went between my thighs. His tongue and lips focused on my clit, and two of his fingers went inside me, gliding effortlessly and so exquisitely with the lubrication from both my arousal and his cum.

I was already on the brink, which meant it didn’t take much to finish me off. My legs tightened around his strong shoulders and neck, and I reached up behind me to dig my fingers into the top of the chair above my head. I was moaning loudly and desperately, and it seemed to be spurring him on to work at my body even more vehemently. My back arched as I came closer to orgasming, the pleasure escalating quicker than I could bear.

It all felt so impossibly good—he was skilled in the art of eliciting pleasure, customized now to me. I came hard against his mouth, gasping and moaning, every inch of me flushed and hot. He moved back up toward me and kissed me passionately.