It’s update time again, and over at the Blushing Books online store, we are literally offering a timeless range of selections.

If you’re a fan of books featuring plots from a bygone era, then you’re sure to enjoy Sullivan Clarke’s prohibition-era Spirits of Defiance featuring a rebellious moonshiner and the man who would tame the little monster he realizes he created.

Colton Rogers never meant to get Mickey Sweet into brewing moonshine, but after it becomes illegal he takes her on as an apprentice. But their romantic relationship comes to an end when he tries to tame his fiery partner and when Colton leaves, Mickey continues to brew shine in his absence. But even as she perfects the art and attracts the attention of a notorious Chicago speakeasy owner, a federal agent arrives determined to find – and punish – the source of that potent brew.

This fast-paced novel is full of romance, intrigue and some surprises that will leave you thirsting for more.

If you’re a reader who prefers to live in the now, then Fiona Wilde’s Retail Therapy spins the tale of a modern-day career woman with a major shopping addiction. Stella Reeves knows if she doesn’t stop spending she stands to lose everything she works for to bankruptcy. So when she sees an ad for Lighthouse Financial she’s eager to investigate the company who guarantees it can help anyone get out of debt.

Stella is so eager to find a solution to her mounting debt problem that she ignores the advice of the credit counselor, Mr. Jacobi, and signs the contract without reading it. Only later does she realize that Lighthouse Financial’s philosophy is a painfully old-fashioned one.

Our last two books are much-awaited sequels take will fast-forward you into exciting future times. ┬áSet in the year 3010, Susie Daniel’s Rada: The Marriage picks up where Rada: The Wedding leaves off. In this sexy-follow-up, the willful and outspoken Zada draws the ire of the Marriage Committee, prompting her husband to insist on her obedience before they both suffer the consequences.

Chula Stone’s Shawna’s Chase is the sequel to Shawna’s Choice. Set on the distant planet Trellian, this book finds Shawna longing to reunite with Vilnek, who is pressed into service on a new mining moon. Dodger Celdek, who is charged with watching over Shawna, has his hands full keeping her in line. But it must be done in a culture that expects males to nip misbehavior in the bud.