Poacher’s Prey by Lorna Locke

Poacher's Prey by Lorna Locke

Millicent never believed she’d find someone to love and cherish her, someone she could trust and respect. She’s survived for years under her stepfather’s thumb, but when she meets and falls for a handsome young Game Warden, she realizes something has to change if she ever wants to live with the sense of safety and belonging she never knew was possible.
Tom abandoned an easy life in the big city for adventure as a Game Warden in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. While the dramatic landscape and mysterious forest around Black Creek captivate his imagination, something is missing. Until he meets young Millicent Nelson, that is.
Millicent’s combination of wild innocence and seductive beauty turn Tom’s world upside down and awaken in him a surprising dominant streak. With a rampant poacher on the loose, the forest can be a dangerous place. Will Tom and Millicent’s love and trust in each other be enough to deliver them safely from wild animals and wily humans?