She’s the head of her department – she calls the shots. She does not need a daddy.

Protection Officer Mark Fox finds himself reluctantly protecting the beautiful but haughty head of a secret MI5 department which uses psychics to foil terrorist plots. Mark is intrigued by the woman and finds himself determined to master the recklessness she demonstrates with her own safety by whatever means necessary – including his firm hand delivering much needed-discipline. He soon realizes she is the perfect submissive he has been searching for. He will not rest until she fully submits to him and he is able to keep her safe from the man who stalks her physically and in her psychic mind, even if it costs him his life.

Helena Wright is an accomplished woman who does not need a keeper. She excels in her career, although she sometimes believes the end justifies the means, even if she’s at risk. When she’s assigned a new protection officer, they soon come to blows. Who does he think he is to order her around? She’s the boss. She quickly discovers her assumption is incorrect, and Mark is a force to be reckoned with. More than she can handle, frankly.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, and power exchange.

Author Interview

Do you like to listen to music while you write? If so, what kind ?

I can’t work without music.  I listen to music on my phone at full blast when I am working. Music opens up the strong images I have in mind as though I were inside a vivid movie and recording all that I see.  I often feel as though I am actually there in the story world I have created watching my characters act out their roles.  The experience is intense and feels very real.  The ultimate escape from reality and all of its harshness.  Music is essential in helping me to reach this nirvana.  It opens up my creativity and allows the story and movie scenes in my imagination to expand and progress.  I listen to all types of music when I write from bubble gum pop to Nu Metal to Film Score music and all in between.  The music from Inception by Hans Zimmer has helped me to write many of my novels.  I wrote the majority of Protecting Helena to a lot of The Weeknd’s tracks.  I am just beginning a new Sci Fi Reverse Harem spanking romance trilogy called She under my other pen name Serena Douglas and I can’t stop listening to music by 2WEI.  German composers, they write music for movies and take favourites such as Brittany Spears’s Toxic and Destiny’s Child’s Survivor to create a dramatic film version.  This has helped me create some powerful Sci Fi scenes involving, robots, spacecraft and hot alien heroes. J

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

I have a very vague outline of the story in my mind but I never plan in great detail or put the outline down on paper.  I just dive right in.  Recently I have been writing the end scenes first and working my way backwards to the beginning.

Where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration comes from listening to music, something I am talking about with a friend or a TV show I have watched.  Quite often it just seems to appear in my mind out of nowhere.  I have always been a great daydreamer.J  Protecting Helena was inspired from hearing about government agencies using psychics to remote view and spy in the cold war as well as the recent hit UK TV show, Bodyguard and the relationship between a powerful woman, the UK Home Secretary and her bodyguard.

What is your favourite genre?

I have more than one.  My favourite genres are erotic romance, thrillers, the paranormal especially in the Victorian era, Steampunk and Sci Fi.  I love working to successfully intertwine them within one story.  Protecting Helena combines erotic romance with a thriller and an element of the paranormal by using psychics to foil terrorist plots.

How much research do you typically do on a novel?

My erotic romance novels often contain a thriller plot and this sometimes involves more research. For Protecting Helena, I had to research government departments such as MI5, remote viewing, how bodyguards work and more.  My Billionaire heroes often own large stately homes in the UK and I usually search for old houses to describe to bring the novel’s surroundings to life.  For another Cordelia Gregory novel, The Princess in the Tower which will follow Protecting Helena, the heroine is a Billionaire in her own right and an aircraft designer who successfully designs an environmentally friendly passenger plane.  She also knows how to fly.  I had to undertake a lot of research in to biofuels, experimental aircraft, the airline industry how to fly a plane and what happens when decompression occurs!

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

Surprisingly, I have never been properly spanked before.  And although I have no doubts, I would have to be the one being spanked, a small part of me would like to experiment with being the spanker!