She’s been taken against her will…

The Colonel, Maxim, is the ruler of the Ruins in what used to be New York. After a post-apocalyptic event nothing is and will never be the same. He rules with an iron fist and has the final say in all things. He takes what he wants when he wants. Now is the time for him to take Iolanthe. He’s watched her from afar for years, now she will belong to him.

Iolanthe has grown up homeless on the streets with her mother as her only companion. It’s been a dangerous life, to say the least. The fact that she is a Pure only complicates matters and has been her most guarded secret. Her mother’s warnings always in her mind. But, now her mother is dead and she’s been taken by the Colonel. What will happen now?

This is book one in the Colonel’s Conquest series and includes a sneak peek at book two.

Publisher’s Note: This dark dystopian romance is not a wine and flowers romance. It’s a journey of discovery by the hero and heroine with all the rough edges exposed. Take the journey if you dare, you’ll be glad you did. This sci-fi story contains elements of danger, suspense, mystery, power exchange, non-consent, adult themes and possible triggers.

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The Colonel leaned his head back onto the headrest, his eyes closing. Iolanthe took his hand, his shed blood caressing her palm. His eyes opened, and he chuckled softly.

“I won’t leave you, pretty Iolanthe. You’re stuck with me for a long while.”

She bit her lip. “I’m glad of it.”

It was a near silent murmur, but he heard. He squeezed her fingers and his eyes closed again. He was in pain, but he didn’t let on. They all knew it, though.

The rest of their ride was silent, a quiet unease in the fast-moving vehicle. Someone hunted her. Someone wanted her dead. They knew who she was, and they knew who she was with. The Colonel promised he’d keep her safe, but he was a hated man, and now she was a hated woman.

Maybe the two of them were meant for each other after all.

5 Fun Facts about Julia Payton

  1. I once made a ‘southern belle’ hoop skirt with my mom’s old wire hangers. I used her sheets as the dress!
  2. I’m terrified of ‘low’ heights. It’s a thing. Promise.
  3. Heathcliff from the book Wuthering Heights is the quintessential alpha male, in my opinion. He’s darkly brooding, dangerous, and a bit scary. Yum!
  4. LARPing has got to be the greatest innovation ever known to mankind! It’s a writer’s dream: the costume, the stories… (And I absolutely adore a Renaissance Faire!)
  5. I’m still close with many of my childhood friends.