The youngest sister of three brothers, Quinn has spent all her life fighting the stereotype that because she looked like a fragile Barbie doll, she was one. She placed a chip firmly on her shoulder and dared any and everyone to shake it off. No one tried until she met her brother’s friend, Zane. The way he went about trying to teach her that the chip had no place on her shoulder or in her attitude was, well, unorthodox.  Would it work?  If her sore bottom was any indication, maybe.

When Zane met Gavin’s little sister, he was smitten. She was gorgeous and successful. Although she was a kind, sweet person she was also a spitfire and sometimes, her own worst enemy. He knew there was a gem under the hostility, and he meant to find it. He knew all she needed was a firm hand. He was just the person for the job.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.


“Quinn! Be careful.” Zane’s voice came from behind her and she ignored him as she focused her phone. This was too good not to keep. Taking a couple more steps toward it, she ignored Zane’s warning. Geeze, she was just taking a picture, then her foot slipped, and she could feel herself falling. Gasping for air, as she felt herself going down, she scrambled to find her footing and then felt Zane’s hand grab her arm and swing her up into his arms.

“Dammit, why didn’t you listen?” he yelled. “Look at that! Look!”

“Stop it!” she yelled back. Stop what? She didn’t know, but she suddenly found herself butt up and face down over his knee. What? Log. He’d propped his foot on a log and she couldn’t figure out what was going on. Was she still falling? A sudden, sharp pain in her butt suddenly made her realize what was going on. “Zane! Put me down! Stop it! Now, and I mean now!” she screamed. How dare he?

“That hurts! Stop it!” He smacked her again and she howled, more from embarrassment than pain. “Stop it!”

Three more times, then he stood her on her feet. She jerked away from him and rubbed her sore butt. Dang that hurt! “What the hell, Zane!’ She glared at him, ignoring the tears that pricked her eyes. Mad tears, she assured herself.

He looked at her and said, slowly, “Look.”

She looked where he pointed, and her breath caught. The place she’d been heading to, almost standing on was crumbling before her eyes. Small rocks, dirt and gravel trickled down off the side of the small ledge, or was it a cliff, and into the ravine below. One or two more steps and she’d have been down there with them. Shuddering, she looked over at Zane and quit rubbing her bottom. It deserved to sting.