Rancher’s Creed by Alyssa Bailey

Successful rancher, Ciaran O’Connor, lives his life by established principles, and is thankful to have found someone to share those standards with him; his fiancee, Katherine Franklin. They seem to have everything a young couple dreams of; a new home, money, family, security, and an agreed upon lifestyle that might not fit everyone, but which fits them.
Unfortunately, Katie has a past full of secrets and she has decided that she will not jeopardize what she has finally found with Ciaran by sharing them.
But secrets have a way of making themselves known, and when Katie’s secrets threaten to unravel the fairytale life they have started together, she knows it is time to come clean. She respects her husband’s creed and his determination to keep her safe, but finds herself struggling with doubts. Will the seeds they’ve begun to sow blossom and take root, or will Katherine’s secrets tear them apart? Will her new husband toss her aside when he learns about her past?
Ciaran’s worries about his love have escalated as she becomes more and more withdrawn. He wants nothing more than to make life perfect for her, but learns he cannot do it alone. How many trips across his knee will it take before Katherine learns that his love is unflagging? He knows that the love they share is strong enough to fight Katherine’s demons – but can she trust in herself enough to take a chance?
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His Gentle Persuasion by Alyssa Bailey

Rancher Ciaran O’Connor is one of the best and most successful equine and canine trainers in the Northwest. Finding a date is never hard for him, but unearthing a woman who meets all of his particular expectations and is not too needy herself is more challenging. He is ready to wait for as long as it takes when he spots Nurse Katherine Franklin and makes a horse trade to get better acquainted with her. Ciaran soon finds that, just like with his wild or abused animals, he must slowly work at the puzzle of Katie’s past to find the jewel hidden beneath all that manipulation. It will take all the tools in his arsenal to reach his goal.
Katie has a reputation with the men in the community; she’s known for being hard to catch and impossible to keep, but Ciaran O’Connor makes her blood run hot. He is honest, protective, a hard worker, and the most gentle man she has ever known. This rancher expects the woman he loves to allow him to take care of her, which includes her obedience when he asks for it… and a red hot bottom when she doesn’t. Ciaran doesn’t need someone like Katie, whose past screams for her to run while her heart begs her to stay.
Can Ciaran convince Katherine that his take-charge lifestyle is not only what she needs, but everything she craves? Or is she going to turn away from the future she desires because of the past she has endured?
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