Can three brothers save their bride before it’s too late?

Neima was allowed out of the City of Women for the first and only time. The women with her were afraid of their surroundings but Neima loved the experience. Just as she is set to be claimed by three husbands, Neima is kidnapped by a group of men claiming she is their lost daughter. 

Finnton, Waylon and Bode, proven warriors from Finn, know Neima is the bride for them after just one look. Before they can finish the claiming ceremony, she is kidnapped. Even though the ceremony was interrupted, they know and feel she is their bride. Can Finnton, Waylon and Bode save their bride before she slips out of reach inside a foreign village of warriors?

This is book three in the Claiming their Bride series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, reverse harem romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, ménage, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


Swallowing her fear, she moved back toward him, turning her hand to grab his when he sought to release it. He tilted his face and the slightest of grins touched his lips. Studying her closely, he led her hand between her legs. She had to bend her knees and reach far before he showed her where he wanted her to apply lotion. The area tightened and her legs automatically started to close in protest. He took the container of lubrication from her, allowing her more balance and control.

“I want you to get in the same position Waylon put you in when he made love to you.” His order both relieved and terrified her. She could finally stop the awkward task he first gave her, but it meant moving on to a more fearful act. Unhurriedly she moved to the floor, her head low and her backside high. She couldn’t see him, but it was obvious Bode was moving behind her. He pulled on her braid, adjusting her head and hands a bit. Then his hands moved to her thighs and he spread them wider.

Her puckered entrance clinched tightly as she waited with dread for what was to come. Instead of his heavy cock, she felt cool lotion. He must have dropped a large portion between the cleft of her butt cheeks. Bode slowly massaged the area, working with feather like touches, moving gently around the region. While one hand spread the lotion, the other moved between her legs and teased her nub. He was in no rush and soon she stopped concentrating on what might come and allowed herself to enjoy the pleasure he gave her clit.

When he breeched her virgin hole with one finger, she tensed. He had worked hard to maneuver it past the tight rings near the entrance. Recalling when she lost her virginity at the first claiming, she tensed, remembering the discomfort. Would this encounter be the same? “Breathe deeply, wife. Instead of fighting me, push down as if welcoming me.” His whispers were for her ears alone. Glancing up, she saw her other two husbands. They looked alerted at what was happening and ready to intervene. Part of her longed for the escape of them taking the choice out of her hands. But she was not a coward. She trusted Bode.

With one tentative movement, she forced herself to bear down hard. His finger slid into position, deep inside her. The resistance gone, the uncomfortable pressure she felt melted away. His hands moved in, each fingering a different channel and making her body respond. It took even more time for him to push two fingers deep inside her, but it wasn’t until he started spreading them wide inside of her anus that the pressure became uncomfortable.

Bode removed the hand from her clit and slippery passage to balance himself as he bent forward to address her concerns. “You are doing so well. I am preparing you for my cock. Soon it will be able to slide inside without resistance. Then we will both be able to concentrate on finding our release.”

Bear down, she ordered herself. Neima was determined to follow through at least this once so Bode could have his small, first claim, outside of the shadow of his brothers. He pulled his fingers free a few minutes later. Before her body could adjust, he positioned his cock against the opening, and slowly, cautiously, moved past the tight rings near the opening. She heard his roar of pleasure and forgot the temporary discomfort his fullness caused. 

Once, twice, he pumped inside her before going still. “It feels too glorious for words,” he told them all. “I could spill my seed now. But I promised you this experience would bring us both release. I am going to turn now, so I am on the bottom.”

Unsure how he expected her to find pleasure from the act, she allowed him to shift positions and prepared to forge some type of response. Then he shocked her with his next order. It was not directed at her, but at Waylon. “Come and lay between her legs. I won’t be able to pump as freely, but I am already close. You can help her achieve her orgasm by claiming her channel.”

“She is too delicate to take you both at the same time,” Finnton protested.

“Our wife is strong and passionate,” Bode assured them all. “Not only will she accommodate the two of us, but her mouth will accept your cock and all four of us will know true completion for the first time.”

Working out the proper position which afforded each of them comfort took time, but soon Waylon was pumping into her core, his fingers moving against her nub with glorious skill. Each movement he made, drove Bode’s cock deeper in her backside, proving a strange but delightful feeling of fullness. Pulling Finnton’s cock deep into her mouth like Waylon had taught her, made the leader of her mates groan in a wonderous manner. There was no time to consider the oddness of their positions, or the rightness of such acts. Now was about feeling, acting on instinct, thrilling in connecting with all her husbands at once, no one left out. 

Finnton came first, his seed filling her mouth as he groaned with satisfaction. She barely managed to swallow before roaring her own completion. Her body shook as she savored every shudder pulsing through her. She concluded Bode and Waylon found their release when both collapsed. She worried the combined weight of both Waylon and her would crush Bode but was too sated to move. 

She reached out to lay her hand on Finnton’s hard thigh as he lay beside them all. Never had she felt so close to her husbands. Or as loved.