Together they were combustible, but every fire can burn out of control.

Holly’s life wasn’t really working out the way she expected. She’d graduated high school and gone off to college only to be forced home. She worked a depressing job in the local diner, giving her paychecks to her mother, and dreaming of the day she could return to school.

Ash entered the diner she worked at one cold, rainy night and the spark between them flared immediately. He made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. She was offered a contract providing her with a substantial amount of money —her family desperately needed—if she agreed to his terms for one week. Seemed simple enough.

Little did she know what he actually bought and how much she would relinquish.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of mystery, suspense, possible triggers for some readers, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“You are ravishing. Much more than I dreamed of.” His eyes surveyed all of her. From her hair, face, breasts, between her legs, to her feet. He studied her. His warm eyes appreciated her. She reveled in it. It made her feel as if she were under the eyes of a master sculptor, his esteemed creation. “Sit on the bed and lie back,” he instructed.

Did he plan to have sex with her now? She wanted to be given some time. Some time to freshen up and prepare herself mentally. Placing her hands behind her on the high and heavenly mattress, she hoisted herself up, stretched back, and shuffled toward the center of the bed.

Warm, long, thick fingers snaked around her ankles dragging her back to the edge. His face came between her legs. She gasped from his startling actions and from so much more. He did take control. And his hot breath and wet tongue were on and in her freshly waxed, exposed, vulnerable regions. Primal. One could only describe his technique as raw and ravenous. And utterly divine.

He licked her hard and fast—from top to lower—from lower to top. She writhed beneath him as she didn’t want it to end but it became too much. Then he slowed. Wiping his tongue meticulously and maddeningly, excruciatingly and languidly, until she threaded her fingers in his long, thick mane. He stopped. He stood and demanded, “On your knees.”

She wanted to scream. Her core throbbed with need. He had her so close. And he knew it. She knew he did. Turning her head to the side and rolling her eyes, she resentfully complied. On her knees, her butt in the air, she imagined how visible all her lady parts were since the wax.

“On your knees on the floor. In front of me,” Ash clarified

Face to face with his package, still concealed within his pants, he pushed them down and his hard, nice, bigger than average cock sprung free tapping her in the cheek. Suppressing the threatening giggles proved to be a challenge, but she succeeded. Nervousness. Fatigue. Disbelief. She had to be sleeping and stuck in some kind of dream. Or nightmare. How could her life resemble that from some erotic book or movie she read or saw? And distinguishing if she liked it or hated it, or it excited her or infuriated her—what the hell.

The back of his hand smashed into her lips. He dragged it over her lips and in between them smearing her saliva around them and the surrounding skin. “Never wear lipstick. Only natural lips.”

Her shoulders bounced in a shrug, and she cringed. She really couldn’t control her body. Damn it.

“Take it in your mouth and suck it.” If he noticed her stupid, rebellious reflex, he remained unaffected. At least his presence and his composed dictate indicated such. She reached for the base. “No hands,” he scolded.