Reluctant Submission – Educating Meredith

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Reluctant Submission Educating Meredith-coverHow many of us cannot honestly say we would like to see either our current or some of our previous bosses get their overdue comeuppance?

Meet Meredith, the despotic, man-hating but successful CEO of Danforth Enterprises. Her employees work harder at avoiding her than they do most anything else. However, her long-suffering PA, Penelope simply cannot avoid her wrath.

Enter the enigmatic Damien Franks, contracted by Penelope to renovate her boss’s executive bathroom. Damien has other skills and Penelope knows what they are. Taking pity on Penelope, and finding the feisty CEO strangely attractive albeit challenging, he sets out to tame the beast that is Miss Meredith Smythe. The renovation of Miss Smythe will require every skill and all the patience this accomplished Dominant possesses. But, with the help of a friend, and a few tools of the trade, Damien is confident that he can bring out the best in his new client and save Penelope from even further humiliation and anguish. But can he?

Despite her resistance, Meredith finds herself increasingly unable to resist Damien as she is drawn further into his web.

This is a story of dominance and submission; of power and control. It is not for the faint hearted as it takes the reader into the murky but highly erotic world of BDSM.

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Meredith realized why he was taking off his belt. Although shocked and appalled, she felt a familiar rush of natural lubricant flowing into her crotch as her body prepared for what it was expecting to follow. She cursed herself inwardly as, out of the corner of her eye, she saw the belt slide out of its loops. The wide brown leather flicking out of each loop seemed to taunt her. She gasped as the end of it flicked her thigh with the slightest sting as it came free. Then she felt it slide under her wrist and then wrap around both of them twice. She realized what was happening and in a panic determined that now was going to be her last chance for escape. She struggled wildly. “Let me go. Now!”

As she said it, she felt the leather pull hard against her wrists, clamping them together in a vise-like grip, allowing no movement at all. She could feel him doing up the buckle and securing the end as her upper body went through the last of its fruitless jerks, vainly hoping for freedom. Slowly, she accepted the inevitable. With both his hands free, he was now pulling her skirt up her thighs, evenly and slowly, exposing more and more of her milky, stocking-clad thighs. “Mm. I see you have worn white satin and lace panties for me today, quite virginal. I wonder if you will feel like a virgin when I have finished with you.”

“They are not for your enjoyment, you pervert,” she spat.

“Normally flattery would win you some points but today my dear, you need to be taught a lesson, and this is one you will not forget. Maybe you need to start wearing thongs so I don’t have to pull them up into the crack of your butt. Or maybe you should just visit me, sans panties.” He paused for a few seconds, half expecting her to respond but she remained mute. “Actually, no. I like the look of panties, especially the classy, expensive ones you wear. There’s also something hot about slowly drawing them up and knowing that you know what is about to happen. It’s also delicious to know that you know I will be able to see your arousal, but that you can’t do a thing about it. You really should do something about that hairy bush though.”

He lowered his head as close to hers as he could and whispered, “You should do something about it because you are mine, Meredith. All mine.”

She shook her head but remained silent. As he said the words, she felt another rush of excitement. She was afraid her nipples would burst through her bra. Despite her physical arousal, she was determined not to surrender to him.

“Spread your legs, Meredith. I want to see how excited you are.”

She clamped them tightly together and he chuckled to himself, knowing exactly what was going through her mind.

Oh, God, she thought to herself. Her body was betraying her again and she did not want him to see. “No! You can’t make me,” she said defiantly. There was a pause. “Please don’t make me, Sir,” she whispered. “Oh, please don’t make me.”




About R.R. Greaves

  1. R. Greaves was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1958. Having lived in many parts of Australia and overseas, Greaves now resides in Sydney and she writes for fun.


With a lifelong interest in her subject matter she finally decided to put some of her experiences and fantasies into words, toning them down somewhat for public consumption. Her first book was released in mid 2014. This was followed by a new release in Feb 2015 and there are a number of new stories in different stages of production.


With a particular interest in specific forms of erotica, the stories have a lot of explicit detail that comes from years of “hands on” experience. All have a strong element of power exchange between consenting parties. While most involve a key female character submitting to a powerful male, they have a mixture of dominant characters with women submitting to other women, men submitting to women and men submitting to other men.


A key part of the exchange of power between the characters involves the use of consensual physical and mental force, BDSM and spanking.


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