His house, his rules. She finds rules distasteful. What could possibly go wrong?

At thirty-one, cold, destitute and living on the streets, Rudi can see no future for herself. When she is beaten up on a rainy night, she decides she has nothing left to live for, and steps in front of an oncoming BMW.

The driver of the car, the devastatingly handsome silver fox, Denver Bane, invites her to stay at his house and recuperate.

Rudi needs a place to hide, but is determined her rescuer will not discover her secret shame.

To her surprise, though, Denver has some secrets of his own.

Together, they discover the chemistry between them is more than either of them bargained for.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, and power exchange.

Author Interview

Where do you find inspiration?

This is such an interesting question for me, and to be honest I am still not sure whether inspiration comes from within or without. I mean people say “it’s just imagination” as though we know what ‘imagination’ is, or reality for that matter. (laughs)

So, I can’t really say where inspiration comes from, but I can describe the process. I think some authors are quite fortunate in that they see the book as a whole before they start, like Mozart saw his music. Someone once described it as “divine dictation”. It was almost more like he was channelling it than working it out for himself.

That, alas, is not the case for me. I start small, with an acorn if you will, and take it from there. With Rescuing Rudi, you could say I started from the bottom and worked up (laughs). It was just an idea about what extra ‘little’ thing a Dom might do apart from the spanking to focus his naughty girl’s attention on her bottom.

The book doesn’t really include ‘anal play’ as such, but the silver fox hero, Denver Bane, is a very fastidious, almost OCD person, who does have at least one small idiosyncrasy: he wants the bottom he is about to spank to be scrupulously clean. It’s possible, though, that were, to say for example, we to find out more about him, he might have the other odd kink or two. (winks)

So, that was the starting point. The idea apparently appealed to Denver and Rudi because they then appeared and got on with it (laughs).

Although the story starts in Melbourne, it isn’t set there, but about an hour out in the Dandenong Ranges. I’m not sure why Denver decided to live in Emerald (although I’m sure it’s beautiful). Personally, I would have been happy for it to have been set in Melbourne. I adore Melbourne. I don’t live there, but happily would. It may well be my favourite city of all I’ve ever been to.


            “I want you to be totally focused on your bottom as it is through there, I will give you your lesson. I want you to think very carefully about what is going to happen and why, and how you have promised it will never happen again.”

            She nodded and swallowed loudly.

            “So, you are going to have a shower now, and thoroughly and carefully scrub your bottom –all of it,” he added pointedly nodding at the bottle brush she was holding and causing her to blush when she understood his meaning. “When it is absolutely spotless, all over, you are to put on your pyjamas. They look like a child’s pyjamas because I want you to think about whether your behaviour was befitting that of an adult, or whether you behaved like a naughty little girl. If you were actually a child, you would have an excuse, but as you are well and truly an adult, you have none.

            “When you are clean and dressed, you are to bend yourself over the table with your pyjama bottoms pulled down to your thighs and your bare bottom facing the bed, so I will see it waiting for my attention when I come in. And you are to be watching the door. I want to be able to see your face at all times. Is all that understood?”