Revenge, secrets and love all run hot on the high seas.

Madelyn Pendant doesn’t know what’s in the satchel her dying mother requested she deliver to the infamous gentleman pirate, Jacques LaSalle de Rohan. She only knows that she must fulfill her mother’s last wishes. Rudolph Gustavo is an unwanted suitor with a signed contract of marriage, who will keep her from her mission if she doesn’t leave immediately for the Pirate’s Hideaway. With the help of her erstwhile cousin, Snipes and the handsome Captain Wingate of the Trinity, she makes her getaway and is safe from Gustavo’s clutches, but for how long?

Captain Josiah Wingate runs his English galleon back and forth between France and the Caribbean for Jacques LaSalle of the Pirate’s Hideaway. When he spirits the beautiful Madelyn Pendant away from the clutches of Gustavo, he is instantly attracted and decides he must keep her safe from Gustavo, even if he has to marry her to do so.

Publisher’s Note: This action packed pirate romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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He rested the paddle on her stinging buttocks and laughed out loud. Then he tutted. “Awful language from such a beautiful mouth. I should add another swat for that, but I’ll give you a reprieve since we just got engaged. But only this time, understand?” He patted the paddle against her quivering bottom.

She flipped her hand back, wildly trying to cover her backside. “Josiah, you have to stop. I can’t take this.”

Mads had been shocked at how much that blasted board had hurt. The pain had exploded against her flesh, sharp and burning. It was still burning. Thinking it couldn’t be any worse than his hand, had been a mistake of monumental proportions.

Josiah took her hand. “Madelyn, calm now,” he ordered firmly. “You can take this. You are an independent young woman, remember? You are fierce, brave, and able to survive anything the jungle could throw at you if you had made it beyond the lawn’s edge.”

He rubbed the paddle across her stinging buttocks as she choked back tears. “If you can forage through the jungle and avoid the Banana Spider like a champ, even though it’s the most poisonous and deadly spider known to mankind, you can take a paddling with ease,” he assured her.

“You are making fun of me,” she wailed. “You know I hate spiders. You must be making that up.”

The paddle left her bottom and quickly made contact once more, just as hard and painful as the first time.

“Accusing me of lying is not the best strategy at a time like this,” he replied succinctly, rubbing the paddle across her hot skin again.

Mads burst into contrite tears. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed. “I didn’t mean it.”

The last harsh swat landed then, and she collapsed across his lap, more grateful than she had ever been for anything in her life that it was over.

“It’s finished now,” Josiah crooned, his palm rubbing up and down her rounded bottom, soothing some of the sting and burn. “I was going to add a hand spanking on top of this, but I think that’s enough for today. I hope you’ll remember how this feels so I don’t have to do it again. Consider it a wedding present.”

He continued to soothe and rub her tortured flesh until Mads calmed down and began to feel the other sort of burn she had become accustomed to. The one that raced through her blood, setting her entire body on fire and yearning for his touch.