He is supposed to rescue her, but she puts her life on the line to save his.

Riddick’s work as a federal agent often has him bending the rules to get the job done. So, when his former commander approaches him to help extricate his daughter from a secretly run facility, Riddick reluctantly agrees. Deciding that this woman must be in dire need of help, he calls in a few favours from his friends, Brax and Sarah, to raid the stronghold and protect the woman.

What Riddick doesn’t expect is to find is a beautiful, borderline sociopathic, nuclear scientist who is playing all of the sides to complete her own mission. Deciding to hand her over to her father and walk away from the train wreck, Riddick finds himself drawn into Augustine’s military operation and chaotic life. The one thing he can’t seem to get past is her determination to see justice served, especially when she sacrifices her own freedom to keep him safe.

Publisher’s Note: This action packed, romantic suspense contains a theme of power exchange.