Love after loss…

Five strong, beautiful women. Five loving, handsome men. Follow the journey as they and their children find the road to romance, overcoming the many obstacles in their way.

TEN books in one collection featuring: Crossroad to Love, The Road to Her Heart, The Road to His Soul, Love’s Winding Road, Rocky Road to Romance, Road to Forever, Dangerous Road to Destiny, All Roads Lead To You, Eternal Road to Love, and Road to Romance.

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Crossroad to Love

Ten years after a tragic accident claimed the lives of her husband and firstborn daughter, Katy Barron is finally ready to move on. Planning to meet her three best friends “the Fab Four” in Dallas for a week-long vacation, life will never be the same for any of them.

Katy is immediately attracted to the infamous Dallas playboy, Ryan O’Grady, and the feeling appears to be mutual. But when the two discover they share a link to each other’s pasts, it threatens to end the relationship before it begins.

The Road to Her Heart
Cara is in love with two men. She loves her fiancé, Caleb, but can’t get over Nick, the one who broke her heart. Days after learning she is pregnant, Caleb is killed in a plane crash, leaving a devastated widow behind.

Nick steps up to the plate, comforting Cara during her grief, even asking her to marry him. He offers to help her raise Caleb’s baby. Angry, Cara declines Nick’s offer, believing it to be a pity proposal.

The Road to His Soul
Colt Hart and Kendyl Durant have been dancing around a relationship for years.

When they finally get together, the two lovers immediately enter into a sensual relationship. But Colt is called to Texas on business time and time again, and temptations await him there. Kendyl begins to doubt that he will ever be able to commit to her completely, heart and soul. When she decides to give him a wake up call by calling it quits, she hopes to turn things around.

Love’s Winding Road

Sworn off women after the break-up with his long-time girlfriend Alexis, Dr. Jackson is pleasantly surprised to find he is attracted to his brother’s new physical therapist. Fiery redhead Stacie Abbott may be just what the doctor ordered.

As their relationship blossoms, Jackson soon discovers that Stacie has trust issues. She was in love once before and it ended badly.

Rocky Road to Romance
Alex is attracted to the hostess at Chloe’s Place, Chelsea Wyatt. But Chelsea has a boyfriend…and a secret. When it becomes apparent to all around her she is in an abusive relationship, Alex is more determined than ever to convince her that he is the guy for her.

The Road to Forever
When Dustin stopped calling, she realized it might not be meant to be, so she did what any young girl would do, and started dating someone else.

When Dustin calls to invite her to meet him for pizza and explains why he stopped calling, Cortney realizes, she’s in love with him, not Brandon, the guy she’s been dating.

When Brandon suggests she date both of them before making her decision, Dustin reluctantly agrees to the plan, vowing to make sure she chooses him.

A Dangerous Road to Destiny
Marcos gets under her skin from the start.

Joanna has been hurt in love and would like to find a man she can count on. She starts dating Greg Grayson, whom she met on an online dating site. However, Greg is not who he appears to be.

All Roads Lead to You

Jordan and Abbi have had an on and off relationship for years, but through it all have remained the best of friends. When Jordan changes his career plans and drops out of his residency at Baylor, it looks like it’s also the end for the two young lovers.

Eternal Road to Love

Madison Grey’s life has been out of control since she was fifteen. After learning the truth surrounding her birth, she feels betrayed by all who profess to love her. It takes the understanding and patience of her childhood friend, Caleb Winters, Jr., to convince her that they were only trying to protect her from her biological father.

Road to Romance

Mary Kate O’Grady is at loose ends, working in her family’s downtown restaurant while she figures out what she wants to do with her life.

Until the night a sexy Dallas firefighter saved her life, then it all became crystal clear.

Beth O’Grady survived the ultimate betrayal, only to find herself the target of a stalker who is out to destroy her.

Colin Sutherland is the undercover Dallas cop who saved her life once before. Now that they are building a relationship, will he be able to stop the stalker before it’s too late or is he a little too close to the situation?


Whistling as he climbed into his pickup truck, he turned up the radio and pulled into traffic. When he arrived at Baylor, he drove around the lot looking for a parking spot. Particular about his shiny new truck, he always searched for spots away from other vehicles. Finally finding one, he wheeled the truck in and turned off the engine. He jumped out and walked inside. Grinning at the girl working at the information desk, he remembered her from one of the clubs he frequented. “Hey there, how goes it?” he asked in his best sexy drawl.

“Oh, Braydon, hi. I’ll bet you’re here to check up on that girl you pulled from the fire last night. She’s in room 201,” the girl said as she batted her lashes at him.

“Yep, sure am, thanks for the info.”

“You’re such a hero. I don’t know how you do what you do. Are you going to be out this weekend, or do you have to work?” she gushed in a flirtatious voice.

“Well now, darlin’, if you’re out and about, maybe we’ll run into each other. Save a dance for me, huh?” He flashed one of his sexiest grins.

“Count on it,” the girl replied, blushing.

He told her goodbye and walked to the elevator. Stepping out onto the second floor, he followed the signs to room 201. When he quietly entered the room, he could see that no one else was there at the moment. The family must have gone home to rest. He walked over to the bed, where the patient lay sleeping. She looked peaceful, with her dark hair spread out on the pillow, her hands at her sides. A light blanket covered her. He studied her face. She was pretty. Her face was heart-shaped, with a perfectly cute button nose. She had long lashes, and her hair hit just above her shoulders in length. He picked up one of her hands and examined it. Yes, she’d had a recent manicure, he could tell, but he could also see, to his surprise, that her delicate hand showed signs of actually working. There was a cut on one finger, and the skin, even though obviously cared for, wasn’t the soft texture of a hand that does no manual labor.

He gently placed her hand back on the bed. Running his own hand through his dark hair, he pondered the idea that he might have been wrong about her. He pulled up a chair and sat down. As he watched the even rise and fall of her chest as she slept, he noticed the oxygen in her nostrils and wondered how badly the smoke had affected her. He wished her mother hadn’t gone home so he could ask her. The girl stirred slightly but didn’t wake up. Deciding to let her rest, he got up. Maybe he would come back later. Why? he asked himself. Because he wanted to see her awake, he wanted to talk to her, he wanted… no… yes… he was intrigued by the brunette in the hospital bed.

“Oh, hello,” a feminine voice said as he stood up and turned around.

“Mrs. O’Grady, I was just about to leave. I stopped in to see how your daughter is doing, but she’s resting peacefully, so I’m going to head out.”

“Call me Chloe, please,” Mary Kate’s mother said with a smile.

“Okay, Chloe, can you tell me what the doctors said?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course,” the blonde-haired woman said. “Apparently, Mary Kate had taken a spill, trying to get to the door. At least that’s what we have figured out, due to the bump on her head and from the little she was able to tell us last night after she regained consciousness. She has a slight concussion, so they are watching her today. As far as the smoke inhalation, they are watching her for signs of distress from that as well. The doctors feel she will make a full recovery, but they want to keep her another night for observation, in case of any complications. And we have you and your friend to thank for getting her out of there as quickly as you did.”

“Mom, here is your food… oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know anyone was here.” A blonde-haired girl who was, apparently, Mary Kate’s sister had entered the room.

Braydon held out his hand to her. “Hello, I’m Braydon Butler, one of the firemen who was at the scene last night. I just stopped by to check on your sister’s condition.”

“Oh, are you the one who carried her out?” the girl asked as she took the hand he offered and shook it.

“Yes, I was.”

“Thank you so much. Mary Kate and I are twins. I don’t know what I’d do if anything happened to her. I’m Beth, by the way, Angie Beth. Everyone calls me Beth, so as not to confuse me with my mom’s friend, Angie.”

“You’re twins?” he asked in surprise.

The girl giggled. “I know, that’s everyone’s reaction when they first meet us. We look nothing alike, have totally different personalities and interests, but are still extremely close. I look like Mom, obviously, and M.K. takes after the O’Grady side of the family.”

“M.K.?” he asked.

“A nickname I gave her when we were kids. All of her friends call her that. The family, of course, calls her Mary Kate. We were named after Mom’s friends, Marianne, or Mari, Katy, Liz, short for Elizabeth, and Angela, or Angie.”

“Wow,” was all he could say as he couldn’t help thinking that the brunette in the bed intrigued him far more than this bubbly blonde sister of hers. Beth was the type of girl he was normally attracted to. So why wasn’t he putting the moves on her, other than the fact that her mother was standing right next to her? Because it was Mary Kate who held his interest, that’s why. She was the one he wanted to get to know better. Where in the hell did that come from? He never wanted to ‘get to know’ anyone; he just wanted to go out and have a good time, share a few drinks, some laughs, maybe some pillow talk. Better shake this off fast, buddy, he told himself.

Mumbling something about having to be somewhere else, he excused himself and left. “Damn, damn, damn,” he said under his breath all the way back to his truck.

Craig’s words had surely jinxed him that morning over breakfast. Never in his life, had he been as intrigued by a woman as he had by the sleeping beauty in that hospital bed.