Is it love at first sight or just lust?

Romilda Ackermann is happy enough with her quiet life on the shores of Rau Lake. She lives with her parents and sister and the bittersweet memory of her late fiancé Edwin. When Edwin died, Romilda assumed her hopes for romance died with him.

Maslin Reeves expects to employ his professional skills as an art dealer and designer to help wealthy Roland and Lucille Ackermann redecorate their lakeside mansion. Much to his surprise, he finds that the younger Ackermann daughter has recently announced an engagement and now her parents want Maslin to help design and plan the wedding.

When Romilda and Maslin meet, the mutual attraction is undeniable. After they finally give in to their urges and indulge in an afternoon of sex in which Maslin dominates a delighted and obliging Romilda, they are both plagued by doubts. Romilda wonders if sophisticated manoftheworld Maslin is merely using her for sex, and worries she’s betraying the memory of her first love. Meanwhile Maslin feels like a cad for taking advantage of Romilda’s willingness, fears she’ll think he’s a brute, and ponders whether he deserves to seek love again after the loss of his wife.

Can Romilda and Maslin overcome their hesitation and pursue a relationship that satisfies them both sexually and intellectually?

This is book three in the Lakeside Lovers series but can be enjoyed independently.

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Romilda’s face burned. She knew she was bright red. It was as if Maslin really could see into her head and knew her whole catalogue of dirty fantasies.

“Hike up your skirt.”

“Mm.” She did so, and stood with her back to him, panties and stockings exposed. She ached for his touch and hoped he’d take her soon.

“What a sight,” he said approvingly. She couldn’t see his face since he stood behind her, but it was easy to picture his sly, easy smile. “That ass on you! My God. Is this what you’ve been hiding from the world behind your prim and proper façade?”

Romilda let out a startled “Oh my!” when she felt his hands on her bottom, squeezing through the thin silk of her panties. “Oh!”

“You like that?”


“Mm. And I bet in your whole life no one’s ever bent you over and given you what you deserve. No one would dare lay a hand on Miss Romilda Ackermann, would they?”

Romilda tossed her hair defiantly. “Never!”

“We’ll see about that.”

He sat on the bed and swept her over his knee. Maslin was even stronger than he looked, and Romilda’s heart thumped like the piston in an internal combustion engine.

And that’s when the spanking started.

With no teasing, no preliminary theatrics, he raised his hand in the air and brought it down hard on Romilda’s backside. The strike was so strong and sudden that even though she’d been bracing for it Romilda was too startled even to cry out. She gasped, and her vision went sparkly at the edges.

“This has been a long time coming,” Maslin said darkly. “And I don’t understand how you managed to evade your punishments for so long, Miss Ackermann, since you were simply made to receive a spanking.”