Gamer. Nerd. And kind of moody around my family. But those qualities have no place in the Colonies before America became America.
I found myself falling, literally, into the past then getting caught up in the lives of the people around me. A handsome man thinks I’m his wife and takes me away from the cruel town to his homestead in the mountains. Only, he hates his wife and I pay the price for her crimes!
The one thing he wants from me, above all else, is for me to call myself by her name and to stop pretending to be someone else.
But I won’t do it, no matter what.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy time travel romance includes elements of power exchange.


She stiffened, pleading for him to let her go.

“A whole year,” he said. “My boys have been without a mother for a whole year.” He spanked her, glad to finally see her paying for her betrayal. She arched and whined. “You ran out on me, your husband.” He spanked her again, slapping her upturned bottom hard enough to make her hiss.

“You come back here, your reputation ruined, not caring how it looks. Do you know what people say of me behind my back?”

Jade cried out, in pain and feeling unfairly treated, but when she blurted out the words, “I’m not your wife,” she only got more spanking. She was crying.

William closed his eyes, enjoying his begging wife. He wasn’t a cruel man who caused pain for his own pleasure. No, he only wanted to see his whore of a wife become obedient and tears were the only way to start with this woman. Another woman might learn her lesson, mature and become wise, but he’d come to understand that Isabel was not born that way. She was going to need steady discipline and rules or she’d find a way to escape and act the child again. He knew he’d be doling many spankings in the future.

Note from author
There is something fascinating about a modern girl who finds herself back in time. Really, who hasn’t had a fantasy of living the ‘simple life’? Back then, men took charge and didn’t hesitate to spank their women.
So I wanted to write a story about a gamer girl who is suddenly in a world completely different from what she’s known.
I chose the setting of the colonies before America became America because there is no doubt that life then was brutal. People arrived hoping for better but found that disease was rampant, that the law favored the rich and important, and that they would probably die within the next few year in some awful way. How anyone managed to raise children in such a bleak world is beyond me, yet here we are, so they must have managed.
Indentured servitude was something I considered adding to the book but I decided against it because it would be too brutal. They were people who couldn’t afford the price of passage to the new world and so would sign a contract for seven years of labor to the captain. He’d sell them to whomever needed workers. They had very little rights, had to work long hours, were just barely considered above slaves, and god help you if you were a woman.
Between that or getting spanked by William, well, there’s no contest.
I really liked writing William. He’s a proud, decent man who knows his own mind but lives in a town where everyone snidely gossips behind his back. He never yells or loses his temper at the townsfolk because he’s better than that. But his weak spot is for his wife. He values the institution of marriage. Too bad his first wife was a sociopath.
And now Jade has arrived to turn his life upside down.

Five fun facts about the author
1. Emma Greenfield lives off the grid. She has two solar panels and a generator.

2. Emma went to a hippy school in the mountains that didn’t give letter grades.

3. She has visited Paris, Rome, Aruba, San Tropez, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

4. At her school, there was a creek she and her friends used to play in at recess.

5. Before she realized she was a writer, she was a nanny for a year in the Netherlands.