The Author

Ruby Caine, exclusive writer for Blushing Publication, will release her 8th book Sept. 11. Book four of The Spirits of River Oaks series finds Lenore Zeringue consoling New Orleans native Anabelle Simar. Another psychic has warned Belle she must break up with her fiancée Beauregard St. Pierre or chance causing him grave harm. At first, Lenore sees nothing but happiness between the two, but the more often the couple visit her, the more dangerous things become. Before long, the River Parishes Psychic fears Bella will try to kill her lover no less than three different ways.

Caine and her family live near the Big Easy and her stories often take us through the historical setting which follows along the mighty Mississippi. The Spirits series revolves around the powerful Lenore, who often gets messages from those who have passed on from this world. Another series by Caine is called Katrina’s Aftermath, a group of four contemporary romances minus the paranormal theme. Rounding out books by Ruby Caine is a standalone called Making the Wright Connections, featuring a bratty signer tamed by a sexy cop.


Author Interview


When did you know you wanted to be an author?

My father ran a weekly newspaper in my hometown. He and two of my brothers are published authors, though they delve into nonfiction. Since the first time I picked up a romance novel, I have wanted to create my own. Raising a family delayed the dream, but Blushing made it come true in September 2016 with the release of my first ebook, Her Chance Encounters, book one of the Spirits of River Oaks series.


What is your writing process like? Daydreaming is my favorite hobby. I like to find a quiet place to mediate and come up with my own dramas, watching them unfold in my very active imagination.


Libraries or bookstores? Online bookstores are my favorite. I don’t like to give up any of the books I enjoy. Once all the bookshelves at my house were full, I purchased an ipad and tripled the number of titles I own. I love being able to take my vast library with me on long trips.


Do you have a favorite vacation spot? Since I live below sea level, I prefer visiting the mountains when my family takes take me away. Then again, cruising is my all-time favorite adventure because I can sail to places with mountains, while letting someone be responsible for the cooking and cleaning.


Chocolate or Vanilla? The more chocolate involved, the better. Give me vanilla and I will smother it with chocolate chips, syrup and brownies.


Tea or Coffee? Coffee in the morning, tea for supper, I am a southern lady, thru and thru.


Tell us about your most adventurous experience. Read any of my books and you are likely hearing about some adventure either I or one of my loved ones went through. I change things up to protect the innocent and shield the guilty (most often me.)

Running From Her Fate

Beauregard St. Pierre needs to find his runaway fiancée before she gets hurt. A fake psychic has filled her head with foolish nonsense. Generally not one to leave his job and responsibilities for any length of time, he is determined to locate Belle quickly so they can return to New Orleans.

Anabelle Simar’s life changed drastically after she met Madame Claudette. She found the man of her dreams and inherited a tidy sum of money, all after the gifted psychic predicted the events. It was only natural to run away when the same woman warned Belle she was putting her lover at great risk.

The couple ends up at River Oaks, where Madame Lenore regularly communicates with spirits. At first, she does not see any danger, but every time Beau and Belle visit for another reading, his fate is altered in disastrous ways.

Will sweet Anabelle really stab, burn and shoot the man she loves? Can Beau protect himself and his woman? Will their love hold them together against the odds, real or invented?

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance has elements of humor, mystery, suspense, paranormal events, explicit scenes, adult language and discipline. If any of these elements offend you, please do not purchase.




“This Louisiana spirit seems to want to communicate with Belle. Oh, my. That’s not very nice.” Lenore frowned at someone she seemed to be listening to on her left. No one was sitting there, so the entire scene seemed awkward. “Fine, I’ll tell her. Belle, your aunt thinks you are letting people use you again. She insists you stop being a doormat and take control of your life. “

Beau looked to the left of Lenore and found himself talking to the same invisible spirit. “Will you stop bitching at her, old woman. Even in death, you are trying to boss her around. I didn’t put up with it when you were alive and I sure as hell am not going to stand for it now.”

“Who are you talking to?” Belle whispered.  Beau’s face darkened and he faced Lenore again.

“Belle told me you have given her the same reading several times now. I’ve agreed to abide by your reading before she packs up so we can go home. Could you please, for the love of God, explain to her that there is nothing dangerous in our future?”

Lenore’s hands stroked the blue stone, and she seemed very intent. Suddenly, her lips parted as if in shock. The psychic got control of herself before the couple could even comment. “Belle, I know I have explained time and again about not sensing any danger in Beau’s future… but it appears fate has shifted recently.” The psychic coughed a few times and her husband rushed over to rest his hands on her tense shoulders. His strength helped center her again. “I have a vision which is a bit disturbing to share. Please hear me out before you get upset.” The last comment was directed at Beau.

“Son of a bitch,” the real estate agent muttered. “Let me guess. I’m in grave danger suddenly, right.”

“What kind of danger?” Belle demanded, giving her lover an ‘I told you so’ glare.

“I see Beau clutching his right hand. Blood is dripping from it. From the way the knife cut him, I am thinking it might be a defensive wound.”