I’m a monster. Violence, pain, and power is my life. Nothing soft, nothing pure. My work as a mafia enforcer demands it. In my world, everything soft and pure dies.

She’s innocent. I have no business dirtying her with my touch.

But I can’t stay away.

Discover the entire collection of six, dark mafia romances and hot troubled bad boys featuring Heat, Ruin, Shame, Redemption, Absolution, and Capo.


“This is about Kerry Jackson and the child?”

Christian looks away and doesn’t answer. 

“I’ve never seen you so bent out of shape for anything. Ever.”

He sighs. “I’ve never fucked anything up like I did with her.”

I raise my eyebrows. “That’s true.”

“You should have just listened to me. She didn’t know shit. There was no reason to send me to kill her to begin with.”

“You should have done your job and just shot her, not go and fuck her. That’s where you fucked up.” 

He’s silent again, his black eyes flashing. 

“You love this girl?”

Christian darts up from his chair. “I don’t fucking know! I don’t want her to disappear with our baby. I wanna fucking make things right. She still thinks I want to kill her. Love.” He scoffs. “I don’t know what that is. Do you?”

I bark out a laugh. “I don’t do love. I fuck ‘em and leave ‘em. It’s dangerous to get attached, Christiano. Look at yourself, you’ve lost it. What’s so special with this girl?”

“You’ve met her,” he snarls and starts pacing the room. 

I have. A tiny doe-eyed person, scared to death, and still she came here to bargain for her life. An impressive little lady. As it happens, also the mother of a Russo because my nephew forgot to use a condom when he put his cock in her. I liked her and I do see the appeal. I just don’t understand the obsession. The impression she’s made on Christian makes her dangerous because he has become reckless and a loose cannon.