Eden was attending an all-girls college and was close to graduating when the world and everything in it came to a deadly halt. Stranded at the college, her father braved the danger and rescued her, becoming gravely injured in the process. Eventually, she is rescued by Ryatt, her brother’s best friend and her teenage crush. Her feelings for Ryatt only grew over time, his lifestyle is new to her but she has always, and still does, feel safe with him.

Ryatt is the president of a motorcycle club who have created their own safe haven after the virus outbreak. When he rescues Eden, who’s no longer the little girl he remembers, he claims her and protects her in exchange for her obedience.

Drawn into the biker way of life Eden enjoys submitting to Ryatt even if her upbringing makes her feel it is wrong. When circumstances force Ryatt and his crew to eliminate a vicious rival club, Eden is captured. Her rescue leads to confusion and betrayal. Can this good girl embrace her inner badass and convince Ryatt that his brand is burned indelibly on her soul?

This is book one in the Southern Quest Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains sci-fi elements, action, adventure, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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She sucked in her breath. It burned. “Oh my God.” Her fingers curled against the silk sheet. Her back arched more and she pressed back against the invading member.

“That’s right, baby, throw it back on me.”

Sweet Lord, she named it right. It felt so darn long and thick invading her bottom.

“I wish you could see me breaking open your ass. It’s so fucking hot.” He pulled back and thrust forward. “So hot.”

She tried to squirm to ease the ache but he had a firm grip on her. He pumped his hips and inched deeper.

“Damn. You are so hot and tight. Fuckin’ paradise.”

The burn dimmed as other sensations increased. Her hole pulsed around his girth. A sound came out of her mouth that she’d never heard before.

Ryatt growled and the rumble traveled through her. “You like it, don’t you?”

Fire danced along her nerve endings and she panted, unable to speak.

He flexed his hips. “Don’t you?”

“Yes,” she managed to groan out.

“My dirty little girl likes getting her ass fucked.”


“It’s our secret how much you like my dick in your mouth, your ass, and soon your cunt.” He pulled back to the opening and plunged all the way in and stars burst behind her eyelids. “You want it hard?” he asked.

Unable to form words, she nodded.

He stopped. “Say it.”

“Fuck me hard.”

“Fuck what?”

“My ass. Fuck my ass hard!” she screamed. She wanted it, even though she shouldn’t. This went against everything she was taught in her sheltered upbringing, but she didn’t care. Ryatt had taught her about pain and hunger, and she was quickly becoming obsessed.

His hips pistoned over and over as her legs quivered. Her vag pulsed along with her bottom until a quake rattled every bone in her body. She would have collapsed if he weren’t holding her. He continued and her backside rippled in pleasure. He was fuckin’ raw nerves. Pain and pleasure molded into a ball of white-hot heat that threaten to burn her alive. Without warning, he pulled out and flipped her onto her back. She looked up into eyes that had gone dark.

She gulped. He was fierce! His muscles bulged, tendons in his neck protruded. Ryatt exuded power, strength, dominance, and she melted, submitting to his will.

Grasping her knees, he pushed them against her chest. “Wrap your arms around your legs. I want to fuck your ass and play with my pussy.”

He had her wrap an arm around each leg so he could still see her breasts in the middle. His fingers rolled the tight peaks.

“I like this. Everything within reach.”