Sally has two talents, numbers and sex: both bring trouble!


Sally, is an independent girl, who has an obsession with numbers and a determination to run her sex life free of commitments. Then she meets the Connoisseur, who introduces her to his rarefied world of art, fine wine, and good food. Also, discipline and pain. Sally discovers that punishment brings her to a level of sexual delight she has never before experienced. However, the Connoisseur’s world proves to be complicated and dangerous. She finds herself entangled some ruthless men who are involved in criminal conspiracies and international money laundering. She is carried off to strange lands, where she has to use all her sexual allure, her capacity to endure pain, and her skill with numbers to survive. But through all this turmoil, will Sally be able to resolve her burgeoning need for a committed relationship with the Connoisseur?

Publishers note: This story contains vividly described erotic scenes between dominant men and a submissive woman as well as scenes of dubious consent. If this offends you please do not purchase this title.





“Bring the cane with you.” They went through to the sitting room. “Right, pass it to me.”

He held one end studying the stick for a moment, then indicated a leather footstool placed about a meter away from the matching leather couch. “Kneel here, and put your hands on the seat. Stick your bottom right up.”

Sally did as asked.

I hope I’m doing this right. No experience to go on. Still seems pretty straight forward. Oh my God!

She felt his hand press on the small of her back which sent a shiver of delight racing through her as her spine curved down and the cotton of the panties tightened across her bottom.


Author Interview

Q: Thank you Robin for agreeing to talk to me. I see from the author’s note in Sally’s Journey: Finding the Finer Things that you are a bit reluctant to reveal too much about yourself. Without pushing you, I was wondering what that was about?

Robin: It’s partly that I don’t fit into my own idea of what writer is. I wasn’t a great success at school and I didn’t  go to university or study English Literature. I’ve become a writer by accident, almost. I suppose I like to think because of things I’ve been through and the people I’ve met, I have something to bring to story making, but I don’t have the secure academic background that so many writers have.

Q: You do say books and reading were always there. Which early books do you think had an influence on you?

Robin: Perhaps the order is wrong, reading then books. Comics first, UK ones of course, Dandy, Beano, Topper. American Comics later. I managed to get hold of a few of the Marvel Super Heroes series. I remember the odd one would turn up in a dingy shop that sold ex-army kit and camping stuff. I think there were girly mags as well, but I was a bit young. The man who ran the place was a caricature of a seedy type, with, who knows what, in the back room. Someone, my aunt I think used to give me the occasional Classics Comics. Tale of Two Cities, and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I remember. Then real books, Treasure Island, Swallows and Amazons were early ones. There was a collection of Bulldog Drummond and Saint books my father had left behind. I read some of those. Difficult to know about influences. What was common to all of this stuff was a strong narrative; there’s got to be a story.

Q: But books are still important to you?

Robin: Of course, never without one, at least, and I rarely go to sleep without reading for the best part of an hour. I read a big mixture, fiction and non-fiction. A lot of history, and historical fiction. There’s no great system about what I read, except when I’m doing research. 

Q: Are you a library or a bookshop man?

Robin: Nowadays, bookshops, Oxfam, books friends pass on to me. Amazon, of course and I do read ebooks. I used libraries a lot when I was young, and  still use specialist libraries for research.

Q: Sally’s Journey is your first book for Blushing Books. What made you write it?

Robin: I’ve been digging up material for others, almost exclusively non-fiction, for some years now. I picked up a copy of The Story of O in a batch of books at a car boot sale, (Do you have those in the States?) I was very taken by the ideas in the story. Then by chance, I came across Alexander Trocchi’s Thongs, another spanking master work. A conversation in a pub about Fifty Shades of Grey be provoked me to start writing stories where spanking and corporal punishment play an important role. I’m really interested in the sorts of relationships in which spanking can happen, and its impact on the sexual experience of those involved. What’s unusual for me with Sally’s Journey is its setting is contemporary. Mostly my stories have a historical setting.

Q: Does that mean you have other stories, spanking stories with historical settings?

Robin: I have some strong ideas. We’ll just have to see if they come together.


Character Interview

An Interview with Sally

Q: Hi Sally, it’s good to meet you. Before we get onto to talk about the spanking stuff, I’d like to ask you about all those numbers.

Sally: Numbers, what about the numbers? It’s what I do.

Q: I just wondered if you’d ever thought, I don’t know, is it all a bit obsessive?

Sally: Obsessive? No. Look, it was just the thing I could always do. Numbers, patterns. Then later my second talent sort of developed: like I say in the story, shagging. But I don’t know where you’re coming from with obsessive. I think that’s a bit rude, if you must know.

Q: Okay, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to be offensive or anything.  Now, moving on, what about all the spanking that happens in the story? You put up with quite a lot. Was that something from your childhood? I mean, were you spanked a lot as a kid?

Sally: No not at all. Nothing like that. Look, I’ve had a lot of boyfriends, and there’d been the odd slap on the bum when things got exciting, but it wasn’t until I went off to Switzerland with the man that I was ever properly caned. I’d made up my mind I was going to get off with him some weeks earlier and people had said bits and pieces about him, but what do you believe? People say all sorts. Then I got the instructions, and they made it pretty clear what was on the cards.

Q: So what about your upbringing? There’s a brief mention of grandparents. Did you live with them?

Sally: Look, I’m really not going to go into all that. There’re things, of course, from when I was a kid, but it’s the same for everyone. Everyone’s got some baggage, and I’m no different.

Q: Back to the corporal punishment element, then. Were you surprised how well you could cope with it?

Sally: Like, totally. I’d no idea. And I still find it curious how it sort of gets me going. Not every time of course, but definitely more than I would’ve thought. Don’t get me wrong, it hurts like hell, and when I know it’s coming I can become properly stewed up. But, provided the situation’s right, well it can certainly set thing flowing, if you get my meaning.

Q: The book is called Sally’s Journey: Finding the Finer Things, apart from finding out about spanking what else did you discover?

Sally: You know what, there was so much. So much I didn’t know about, didn’t know how really good things could be. He helped me find all that. Not that I didn’t find him a bit irritating at times. He can’t resist telling you things. But, ah well, I suppose that how you find out.

Q: Yes you did you seem very reluctant to commit yourself to the man.

Sally: I don’t know. The thing is, I don’t do exclusive, or jealous and all that. My life was just as I wanted it. A good business, do whatever I fancy, with whoever I fancy, no ties, no strings, no come-backs. Like I say, not exclusive. But then the man turns up, and there are all those other willing backsides at his disposal, well, how should I put it? It got complicated. To see just how complicated, you need to read the book.


About the Author


Robin Harrington has always been reluctant to say too much about his background. He doesn’t deny he was brought up in North London, nor that he left school at sixteen to do a range of jobs from managing a fast-food restaurant, to driving furniture vans. He has spoken of a series of unlikely encounters, “Some of them pretty weird,” which somehow led to his taking up historical research. He tells me books and reading were always there, offering him an imaginative escape. I believe Robin lives in the UK at the moment, though he has spent time in other parts of Europe

When pressed Robin explained that he became interested in the idea of writing discipline and spanking stories through reading Victorian classics, such as the Whippingham Papers and, from the twentieth century, Pauline Reage and Alexander Trocchi. His own stories, almost always seen from the female point of view, explore the way spanking and discipline bring an erotic charge and extend the sexual possibilities for those involved.