Forget knights on white horses, how about a hero riding a motorcycle with shining chrome?

Phoebe’s spirit was forged into steel by a childhood split between foster care and the streets. Now grown, the simple act of accepting the wrong drink traps her in the underworld of human trafficking. On her way to be sold to a Mafia sociopath who’s obsessed with her innocent looks and unbreakable spirit, Phoebe desperately reaches out for help from an unlikely hero.

Sharp, VP of the Dark Sons Motorcycle club and former Navy SEAL sniper, has long ago learned being right is not the same thing as being lawful. With his Brothers, he lives, fights, and loves hard, living every day by their code of honor. He never thought to take an Old Lady, especially not one who looks as delicate or has been as abused as Phoebe. But Sharp soon finds himself losing his heart to her, vowing to protect her no matter the cost.

Far from a natural match, Sharp struggles with whether she can ever accept the man he is and not just the safety he represents.

When Phoebe asked for help, she’d been willing to do anything to be safe. But she hadn’t expected to find a new home, an unconventional family, and a man who sets both her heart and body ablaze. Can she overcome her fear and trauma and convince Sharp she’s more than just someone to protect?

This is book one in the Dark Sons Motorcycle Club series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary romance has elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, adult content, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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Sharp nuzzled Pixie’s ear, enjoying the active betting and attention they were getting. He had fucked women publicly before – most of the Brothers had – but the feeling of putting on a show was practically intoxicating. “You hear that, darlin’? They don’t think you can take all of me in that pretty little mouth.”

She smiled, her green eyes sparkling. “I am such a tiny Pixie.”

He nipped her ear. “I think you’re loving playing the Banshee.” He rolled her clit between his fingers until she pushed against his hand, her breath hitching. He pulled his hand away and wasn’t the only one chuckling at her frustrated groan. “Show them what you can do.”

Now came the part that would test every scrap of his self-control. He had felt what Pixie’s talented little tongue could do and the urge to fuck her mouth with abandon would be a temptation. The little minx turned and slid her body down his, her hands pulling the magic trick that had his belt and pants undone by the time she reached her knees.

“How do you do that so quick?” With his woman’s mouth so close to his cock it was hard to ask questions, but her maneuver was always impressive.

She ran her nails up his thighs, rubbing her face against his cock that strained to be free. She pulled back with a grin. “Nimble fingers.”

Her right hand came up between them and she held his wallet between two fingers. The room burst into laughter as he shook his head and took it back from her. He shouldn’t find that so damn sexy but as she used her nimble fingers to pull his cock out from his pants Sharp decided he didn’t care.

Pixie’s hand barely wrapped around him as she darted out her pink tongue, catching the first drop of pre-come. Her touch and licks were feather light, like a little kitten. He clenched his fists, wanting to grab her head and thrust himself down her throat, but decided to let her play.

This moment wasn’t only about them. It was about putting on a show and paying her penance. So far Pixie seemed to be enjoying this as much as he was, and Sharp didn’t want to fuck it up by pushing her faster.

When she took the head of his cock between her red lips, Sharp was afraid he was going to come from the view alone. Pixie sucked him in halfway, her cheeks hollowing and sending a jolt of pleasure straight up his spine. She moved up and down, using her hand to work the rest of his length.

“That’s not every inch. Suzie Sunshine can’t even take half of him,” some bitch from the crowd jeered. Sharp was ready to have the woman thrown out for interrupting when Pixie winked at him.

She loosened her jaw and then excruciatingly slowly she moved her mouth forward. Her throat wrapped around the tip of his dick and pulled him in with ball tightening swallows. His nails bit into his hands as he fought back the orgasm that threatened to explode out of him. When her nose touched his belly, he wanted to take a picture. She looked so fucking perfect with her eyes glistening and his whole cock shoved down her throat.

His hand gripped the back of her head, giving in to the urge to hold her there for a minute to savor the experience. When he let go and pulled back her gasp for air was the sexiest sound in a room full of masculine shouts of encouragement.