After leaving a party with the sexiest man she’d ever seen, Allison wakes up in his apartment, after having the best night ever. When she finds herself alone, she leaves and immediately finds something wrong in her hometown. She slowly realizes this isn’t her hometown at all anymore. It’s not long before she’s arrested and in the captivity of the dominant and vicious mayor.

Reverse Time Jumper Jack Malloy never intended for an innocent to get caught up in his mission. But Allison captured his attention in a way women usually didn’t. When Allison is accidently transported into his dystopian future, placing her directly into the cruel hands of the city’s menacing dictatorial mayor, Jack knows he is responsible and can’t stand by and let her suffer. The mayor however is always two steps ahead, and Jack soon finds himself outmatched, cornered and sentenced to death.

As Allison’s limits are continuously tested, she discovers she may have hidden abilities of her own. Jack and Allison fight to rescue each other from a brutal regime and to return to a happier timeline, not realizing their actions may be the catalyst for an altogether different revolution.

This is book one in Allison’s Dangerous Journey series. The series is working towards a happily ever after which will occur in book two.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi dystopian romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of danger, mystery, suspense, action, adventure, time-travel, adult themes, possible triggers for some readers, and sensual scenes.

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Allison smiled and nipped at his puckered nipple. She positioned herself over his shaft. Jack reached for her soft, rounded breast. They weren’t big, but they fit perfectly in his hands. He squeezed and pulled and pushed until Allison slowly lowered herself onto him fully. The tight fit made him moan with ecstasy and he thought he was going to come right away. Allison whimpered with pleasure as she settled his shaft fully inside her. He filled her so completely; she was teetering between pleasure and pain. He pinched her nipples and then began to roll them between his calloused fingers causing Allison to arch her back.

Her soft moans made Jack want to pick her up and throw her underneath him, but he was far too weak for that. He placed his hands onto her soft, beautiful hips, encouraging Allison to rock against his shaft. Allison picked up the cue quickly and started to ride Jack like no other woman before her. He was coming undone and had to hold her still so he didn’t make this the short version. Allison mewed as his cock felt like it was touching the inside of her belly, impaling her soul with pleasure. But it wasn’t until Jack started to rub her clit with circular pressured motions, that Allison felt the white heat building in her core.

Jack could feel her insides tighten and swell with each grind. A low growl emerged from his throat. She was close and so was he. Her moans grew louder as his growls ignited the jungle. Reaching up to Allison’s throat, he squeezed lightly trying to meet her thrust with his hips. His voice came out primal, “Look at me, Allison.”

Allison’s eyes opened slowly as the rhythm was taking her to another world. Jack smiled wickedly and he pushed slightly harder on her glistening pearl, making Allison milk his cock over and over again. Allison saw the bright light, felt euphoria slip into her sweet core.

“Ohh, I’m coming, I’m coming,” Allison moaned the words as she rode out the elation trapped deep inside her body. Jack couldn’t believe how fucking amazing Allison felt and within seconds he, too, was coming with her. His face twisted as scorching hot come shot into Allison. She rode out the waves and then laid her body softly onto Jack’s chest.

Jack stroked Allison’s dark hair and smiled at how beautiful this woman was. How could I ever sleep with anyone else after feeling that? Allison looked up into his dark brown eyes and smiled. “What are you smiling about?” she asked with a haze in her eyes.

Jack rubbed her cheek with his knuckles. “That was amazing.” Allison smiled and put her head back down onto Jack’s chest, listening to his fast heartbeat. “Are you all right, Allison?” Jack asked sincerely.

“Mmm-hmm,” Allison said with a smile on her face.