Can they somehow find a way to right their wrong?

Changes abound when a group of seven ladies raised in an orphanage become an inheritance to the small town of Pine Falls, Nebraska. The ladies have grown up to be strong and independent, out of necessity. That serves them well in a new environment as they start seeing the many single men in town, until they start pairing off as couples. The local men are familiar with the dangers of living in the west in 1890, and try to protect their special lady. However, the ladies are used to taking care of themselves and each other. The men have a difficult time getting the ladies to rely on them and say something if things don’t seem right.

Just as they think they’ve found a solution, a traumatic event intervenes. The ladies know the men would have prevented it, had they known what was happening. Now the ladies are wracked with guilt as they hope their men can somehow find a way to right their wrong.

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“I understand you and the other ladies are appreciative for what we at Pine Falls have done for you, and I also know you’re proud ladies and want to stand on your own two feet.”

“That’s true.”

“I respect that.”

“Thank you.”

“But let me remind you that I brought you here and I feel responsible for making sure you have what you need to not only survive, but thrive here. I know you’re saving your money, and again, that’s honorable, but until you’ve had sufficient time to save for the extra things you need, I want you to accept help from the estate fund. There’s money on your account at the store, so all you need to do is pick out what you need and put it on that account.”

“But Dawson —”

He held his hand up while looking at her with a raised eyebrow, and she quieted immediately so he could continue. “Therefore, you do as you see fit, since I know you well enough to know you will anyway, but be aware that if it comes to my attention that even one of you ladies does not have warm mittens or a warm hat by the time the first snow falls, which could be within a matter of days, we will discuss this again. If that happens, you’ll be over my knees for our discussion.”

She gasped, which told him she understood what he was saying. “Now, that’s all I have to say, and there’s no response required from you, so we’ll consider this subject closed. I hope we never have to revisit it.” He turned her around and headed her back toward their blanket. “Let’s go have our meal so we can get back to town before dark. I want to take another stroll through town tonight before I go to bed.”