He will do everything in his power to keep her safe.

Paige Turner has known her fair share of ups and downs, but being dropped by her fiancé two weeks before Christmas has to be the icing on the cake. The young coffee shop owner is stunned to find her long-time boyfriend capable of such callous treatment, that is until ‘McHottie Coffee Guy’, aka Elijah Novak, takes pity on her and poses as her fake boyfriend.

Now, Paige has a plus one for her cousin’s wedding, as well as a bunch of rumors circulating that are solely directed at her. While she caters her cousin’s wedding, she juggles that with her growing attrac-tion to the extremely hot coffee shop customer, and eventually finds herself as the target of multiple kidnapping attempts. When it turns out that Elijah is a retired assassin, Paige realizes he is able to help her in more ways than one, since keeping Paige safe has just become his number one priority. But who, exactly, is after her, and why?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary mystery contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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Chuckling again, Elijah tilts his pelvis forward, letting her feel how much she affects him.

“Elijah, will you do something for me?” Paige asks, her cheekbones flooding with color at her irregular thoughts.

Elijah leans back, his expression serious as he says, “Of course, baby, you can ask me anything.”

Paige bites her lip, absurdly embarrassed by her request. Telling herself not to be silly, she squares her shoulders, her lovely green gaze meeting his as she says, “I need you to spank me.”

Elijah’s eyes bulge, his entire body shooting rigid with tension as he searches her gaze. “You want me to punish you?” he demands roughly, his pupils blown.

Paige nods silently, gasping in shock as he lifts her body from the water, her stomach pressed against the smooth edge of the pool as he bends over her from behind.

“I’m here for you, baby” he whispers in her ear, one strong hand pressing into the small of her back while the other begins roaming her firm ass.

“Please, Master,” Paige whimpers, her words sending a shuddering vibration through Elijah’s body. “Please spank me; I need it.”

Elijah groans low in his chest, his strong calloused hand landing hard against Paige’s bikini clad buttocks without restraint.

“Yes,” Paige gasps, her hips lifting toward Elijah’s, seeking his contact. “Yes, Master, please. It feels so good.”

Elijah groans, his spanking hand making a piercing sound as he slaps her wet ass over and over again. “Fuck, I love this jiggly ass,” he says, making Paige gasp. “Don’t ever stop giving me this soft ass to punish.”

Paige moans, her innermost tension dissolving with each of Elijah’s resounding smacks. She hadn’t realized how much she needed this, needed the catharsis of being dominated by Elijah. “I love your punishments, Master,” she purrs, her gasps and moans driving him crazy. “Give me more.”

Elijah growls deep in his throat, eventually slowing his hand as he rubs it against the burning flesh. “So beautiful,” he says, lifting Paige back into the water and turning her to face him.

The heat of Elijah’s erection presses hard against her groin, his strong fingers gripping her waist as he murmurs into her ear, “Have you ever made love in a swimming pool?” he asks.

Paige moans, shaking her head and skating her fingers up his broad chest. “No,” she whispers, melting against his body.

“Then you’re in for a treat,” he growls, reaching down to clasp her buttocks and pull her against his stiff erection.

“Oh, Elijah,” she moans again, as he swoops down to take her mouth in a deep, hot kiss.

“So fucking beautiful,” he says in a low tone, rolling his tongue into her mouth to taste her delicious flavour. “I love your taste,” he says, his voice hoarse. “I love everything about you, baby,” he adds, capturing her mouth again with fervent need.

Paige grabs his thick, silvery hair with her fingers, twisting them against his scalp as she returns his kiss. The twinge of pain mixes with Elijah’s rocketing need, and he groans, deep in his throat. “God, I want you,” he growls, plundering her lips with a desperation he’s never before known.

Paige is lost, her head swimming at the pleasure of Elijah’s mouth. When she feels the string of her bikini fall away, she eagerly tosses the covering aside, lifting her bared chest against Elijah’s rock-hard torso.