If you need help with a dangerous job, call Sentry Security, where anything goes as long as it serves to advance the mission. Whatever it takes to keep their clients safe, these guys will do it, and the same goes double for the ladies they love. Follow the antics of the strong and the strange, the brave and the batty, the loveable and the loony staff of the most unorthodox security firm ever to hunt down a villain almost as dauntlessly as they pursue love and happy endings. These men know that it takes a firm hand to protect and cherish, so if a spanking is what’s needed…



“I guess I must have spanked too hard, after all.” Jeep was holding her as the firemen sprayed down what was left of her couch.

“I tried to warn you,” she sniffed. How can I laugh at a time like this? My apartment was firebombed!

“And I tried to warn you. Chalk isn’t playing around.”

“I’m beginning to get that impression.”

“Come on. Let’s get you to my car.”

“Can you give me a ride to my parents’ house? It’s not too far from here.” As she absentmindedly rubbed her backside, she looked up at him and could catch his self-satisfied smirk.

Handing her his handkerchief, he teased her. “Looks like I spanked the snot out of you, too.”

She wiped her nose, went to hand the handkerchief back to him, and realized what she was doing. Handkerchief. Jeep. Handkerchief. Shoulder, looking for purse. “No purse.” The tear started up again.

“What? Purse?” Confusion replaced the smirk.

“I’d put this dirty handkerchief in my purse, so I could wash it and give it back to you later,” she sobbed, “but I don’t have a purse and I don’t have an apartment to keep it in anyway!”

“Okay, it is my considered professional opinion,” Tobin interrupted at that point, “that when a girl starts crying about her purse, it is time to step in.”

“Permission to manhandle, Mr. Tobin?”

“Permission granted.”

Jeep picked Jenny up in his arms and fell into step beside Tobin.