The joy of new beginnings is cut short when Betty and Reed return home from their honeymoon to a mysterious package and a PI hot on their heels. When Betty, with the help of the Rattlers Motorcycle Club, discovers who sent the PI, her world is rocked.

The chaos threatens their stability and new family. Betty will do anything to protect her new life and love, including risk reconnecting with old ghosts at the expense of her sanity. And Reed will do anything to protect Betty.

This is book two in the Rattler Romance series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, sensual scenes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.


“You like the way we look, baby?” I nodded. With a playful spanking, he gripped me until I was giggling, my ass raised in the air. “Show me those pretty, rosy cheeks.” 

“Reed,” I laughed. “What’s the vibrating thing?” 

“Since we got our fingers tattooed, I figured we could try a silicone ring.” His half- embarrassed tone was incredibly endearing. 

I sent an encouraging smile over my shoulder. “That sounds exciting.”

“You ever played with one of these?”

“No. You?”

“No, but I’ve been doing some reading.” He massaged my ass with both hands. “What’s our signal?”

“One, two, and three.” I edged back into him, eager to be full, to make new memories. 

We had a full arsenal of ways to communicate when things got hot and heavy just in case we started to lose our connection in other areas. I’d never lose Reed. Not if I could help it.

Character Interview: Shadows of the Night

Character interview for Shadows of the Night, Book 2 in the MC Rattler Romance series by Evie Bennet:

Betty Parker: Hi, Reed! I’m so excited for your first interview! This is your first, isn’t it?

Reed Parker: If you don’t count the cops pulling me in for Rattler business, yeah. Of course, you asking the questions makes it a lot easier to confess. A wife can’t testify against her husband.

Betty: Did that immunity factor into our wedding plans?

Reed: No! I’m not planning on doing anything that might separate us. Not that anyone should take that as an open invitation to start trouble. If somebody threatens our family, karma will have a way of making sure they regret it.

Betty: Karma being the Rattlers? Oh! It’s okay that I’m recording this for our archive, right?

Reed: Of course. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Betty: Now that we’re back from our honeymoon, where would you like to visit next?

Reed: I don’t know. I’d probably check out some crime scenes to do some research for my nonfiction novel. As my editor, you’d have to come with me to ensure accuracy. Honestly, though, my heart has always been in West Ridge. The Rattlers and I have been through a lot of places on our runs, but I want to come home to where I belong. With you. So I guess the real answer is your garage.

Betty: Really? Why there, of all the places in West Ridge?

Reed: It’s where we first met. Ever since you patched me and my bike up, it’s been a place of comfort in a different way then our home is. Maybe it’s your brilliance that keeps me coming back. You show respect to everyone who comes in, no matter who they are or what they request. Not many people are like that. Hell, I wish I could be more like that. The least I could do is be there for you and hope to soak up some of that energy.

Betty: Are you trying to steal my essence?

Reed: More like savor it. Sort of how you do with the videos and mementos of our moments together.

Betty: They’re grounding points for me. Safe, emotional memories.

Reed: It’s the only time I really feel like there’s power in healing–that it’s a possibility for me and my family. Our family. I’m sorry, baby. I just meant from before we knew you, and you and I became family. Your side…

Betty: Isn’t worth salvaging? I know that not every family is capable of healing. Not really. All I can do is try to process my pain in a healthy way so I can focus on what I have with you. A happy, healthy future. What do you see for us in the next year?

Reed: Taking care of my sister, Shelly. Finishing the third draft of my manuscript. Lots of beautiful poems on your end. Maybe we could get a plant? There’s a lot, I guess. I’m seeing dates at the drive-in, postcards to your old friend, Frank, and tying you up with my bandana.

Betty: Sounds like a happily ever after! Guess we better get to it!

Author Bio

Evie Bennet is a romance author of the Rattler Romance motorcycle club series, which begins with “We Belong.” Love, leather, and literature give her strength to face the day. She’s currently earning a Masters of interactive media in the Midwest United States, where she eats enough cheese it probably seeps into her stories. Although she loves being home, she will venture out to gardens, museums, theaters, and galleries to get inspiration. She thrives in libraries–as do her stories, hopefully! When the weather’s nice, she enjoys kayaking and swing-sets to get her Vitamin D intake beyond gummies.