Mitch Henderson’s job takes him and his new wife, Jenna, back to his hometown, where she meets some of his old friends, including Mitch’s best friend, Jack, and his wife, Lilly. The two ladies work together and quickly become close friends. Although the men are happy with their friendship, they’re also a bit concerned, as both ladies are mischievous by nature, and the two of them together could lead to trouble. The men find themselves shaking their heads at some of the outrageous things their ladies get involved in, especially Jenna. Mitch finds himself answering the phone, and asking, “She did what?” on several occasions.  

Mitch and Jack love their wives and try to protect them, but when talking to them doesn’t seem to help control their knack for getting into trouble, the ladies find themselves over their husbands’ knees. When they realize what they do can reflect poorly on their husbands, Jenna and Lilly are determined to make it up to them. How Jenna does this is a shock to everyone.  

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of power exchange and old-fashioned discipline. If these offend you, please do not purchase.