Tormented by the secret she keeps…

Shelby has come back to Boone, a tiny town in southern Indiana, to stay. She is a first-grade teacher and settles into life in Boone easily, loving the small-town atmosphere after the hectic pace of life in the big city. She lives with her grandmother and becomes fast friends with her brother’s wife, Maggie. She is also dating her brother’s business partner, Sam, and living happily with her family and friends.

But Shelby has a secret from her past, a secret she had hoped to leave behind her. When Griff Tanner shows up determined to get her back, Shelby’s peaceful, happy life is shattered. She is tormented by the secret she is keeping but refuses to share it with anyone. Desperate to get rid of Griff, she takes advantage of Sam’s feelings for her in an effort to make Griff give up on her. But she is shocked to discover that Sam is quite capable of taking her in hand when her behavior flies out of control. Still, she is determined to handle her problems on her own ­– without the help of her family.

When Griff’s pressure on her reaches boiling point, Shelby has to face the fact that she needs help. Will she confide in her loved ones and let them help her resolve her situation once and for all? Or will she be too ashamed to tell them the truth and make the decision to run away from her past again?

Publisher’s Note: Shelby’s Secrets is the second book in the series A Strong Man’s Hand, but can be enjoyed as a standalone. It contains elements of power exchange.

  A Note from the Author

   Shelby’s Secrets is my second book ever and the second in my series, A Strong Man’s Hand.

I fell in love with the town of Boone while I was writing Maggie’s Match that I never had a doubt that the story had to continue. Shelby was an easy heroine to love and I had a lot of fun with the whole story. It came in fits and starts at times and I found myself stuck more than once. Each time, it took patience and time to find the way forward.

   I have been so excited to see my lifelong love of reading to progress to writing stories that people actually want to read. I know I’m getting a late start, but I’m learning so much and having so much fun! I’ve been able to look back at my own life experiences and weave them into my books. It makes my characters feel like people that I really know.

   I love to have characters who interact the way people do in real life. I love to have some humor interwoven in my stories, since I can’t imagine life without a robust sense of humor. So I hope my books make you laugh and cry and get a little sweaty and steamy; okay, a lot steamy and sweaty lol. I hope you enjoy Shelby’s Secrets!

   5 Fun Facts About Me

  1. I never thought I suffered from even a touch of OCD until I realized that I kept two broken knives in my knife block because I didn’t want to see the empty spots where they belonged.
  2. I turn on my music and dance outside when I am cooking on the grill.
  3. The last time there was a big meteor shower I spent three hours lying in a sleeping bag in the back of my DH’s pickup truck so I could watch it.
  4. I love soup of all kinds but I could actually be happy with just broth and a good loaf of French bread.
  5. When people say they’re bored, I can’t quite comprehend what they mean. I’m never, ever bored!