In the current year of 2251, the world has been dominated by a new race of beings: Buranians. Genetically altered not to feel, they ruthlessly conquered the world and united it under one empire. The Elite is a resistance force that refuses to adhere to the new world laws and fights for their freedom.

Neera is a Buranian living peacefully. That peace is shattered however, when The Elite launch an attack that kills the only person to ever care for her. Broken by the act, she declares revenge on their leader, Shadow.

Shadow lives under the radar leading his resistance group and planning uprisings. It’s during one of these attacks that he stumbles upon something he didn’t realize he was missing. A petite, beautiful woman with the most gorgeous silver eyes he’s ever seen – a Buranian.

At first, they mix like oil and water but circumstances beyond their control force them to spend time together. Neera soon finds herself unable to resist Shadow, and Shadow discovers a deep need for her, both with emotions not in their control. Can they find common ground and can they survive together?

This is book one in The Final Rebellion series and a complete book. No cliffhanger.

Publisher’s Note: This sci-fi romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, power exchange and sensual themes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He gazed down at her, his eyes as bright as fire while hers were of liquified silver. He scooped her shirt from off the floor while still trapping her by the wrists and turned her to face away from him. She complied but just barely, thrashing against him only slightly before he had both of her wrists captive against the bars and used her shirt to tie them into place.

The soft fabric held firm to her wrists, holding them against the cold iron of the cell bar. Shadow stroked down the defined line of her exposed back, reaching around to pinch her breasts until she gasped and cursed him. “I hate you,” she spat as he slid down her exposed stomach and unbuttoned her pants, exposing her lower half to him.

His fingers traced the slick part of her thigh then held them wet within her view. “Do you?” he challenged gruffly, then shoved his fingers deep inside of her, her wetness quickly soaking his palm.

She cried out, breaking off into a satisfied moan as he worked her violently from within, pressing her face against the cold iron bars. “Yes,” she gasped breathlessly as she heard him unzip his bot-suit. She peeked over her shoulder, searing him with her gaze, “I hate you.”

The sadistic smile that chiseled his features tightened her core and wet her thighs further as he leveled his palm against her tight ass and struck her. The smack vibrated up her spine and caused goosebumps all along her skin.

A possessive smack, the message clear: this is mine.