Two tales of lawless passion and flaming desire by Carol Storm!

Crystal and Gold

Country girl meets Big City Cop. Innocence plus discipline equals red hot passion!

Matt Gold was hunting for a killer when he met Crystal May Snow, a fearless, blue-eyed beauty from the West Virginia hills. Innocent and fiery, tender and defiant, Crystal May is different from any woman he’s ever met before. With a mob war brewing, Matt is determined to keep her safe and make her a lady! But can he tame his crystal-pure golden girl without losing his heart?   

Diamonds and Moonlight

A privileged miss. A mobster’s passion. They’ll risk it all for diamonds and moonlight!

Katie Sullivan is through with love. Her first husband died in the final days of World War II, and now the refined, aristocratic Boston beauty is in mourning. But Frankie “Diamonds” Donatello is a ruthless Miami gangster who doesn’t care about the rules of polite society. He seduces Katie with dishonorable intentions and introduces her to passion and absolute submission! But when Frankie’s passion for power puts Katie’s privileged life in danger, can the gambler without a heart take the biggest gamble of all?

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“As you know, Agent Gold, this is an old-fashioned boarding school.” Madame Madeline sounded grand yet not quite truthful, like she was reading from an official press release. “We believe in strict discipline and corporal punishment. Public humiliation is a powerful deterrent as well.”

“You mean you spank your girls in public?” Matthew Gold came on all innocent, like this was news to him. But Crystal May could see the all too knowing way he checked out her behind.

“We never force any girl to take her punishment in public, unless she chooses,” Madame said silkily. “But some girls accept it for the good of the school. Isn’t that right, Crystal May?”

“Yes, ma’am.” Crystal May blushed, but her big blue eyes were innocent as she looked the handsome FBI agent right in the eye. “I’ve only been here four weeks, Agent, but I’ve already learned a heap — that is, a considerable amount. I’ve learned better grammar, diction, and vocabulary, and I’ve also improved my table manners and my posture.” She paused, letting her long lashes screen her eyes as she gazed modestly downwards. “I’ve never been spanked once since I’ve been here. But I’d be happy to let you all spank me here and now, if Madame Madeline thinks it’s appropriate.” 

“I think that’s a splendid idea!” Madame’s laughter was like icy silver wind chimes, but her hand was warm and reassuring on Crystal May’s shoulder. “Since you’re still new, my child, we needn’t drag you in front of the entire school. Let’s go back up to my office, Agent Gold. You may do whatever you like with Crystal May, within the limits of safety and propriety.”

“Of course.” The tough, seasoned FBI agent had played this game plenty of times. But the sexy blonde projected an air of innocence and mystery that intrigued him. Where did she come from? Why was she here? She was different from the big city runaways Madeline Charles usually served up. Matt Gold wanted to help the soft-spoken country girl. But he also wanted to teach her a lesson. He wanted to hear Crystal May whimper for mercy with her bare ass quivering under his hand.