A second chance at love.

Stormy’s a small-town girl, happy and independent, with a thriving pet supply business and own’s her own house. If only her love life had the same success.

When a stalker begins to harass her and her first love arrives back in town wanting to pick up where they left off over a decade ago, Stormy must decide whether she can trust Cade and if she wants to rekindle a romance from long ago.

Enjoy four sweet small town romances in this collection featuring Stormy’s Trouble, Talia’s Time, Wynter’s Waif, and Sailor’s Search.

Stormy’s Trouble

Cade Cumberland, arrives back in town to care for his sick mother. Cade broke her heart when he left and now he seems to want to pick up where they left off a decade ago.

Can Stormy begin to trust Cade again? Can they pick up where they left off?

Talia’s Time

Talia Hansen has not had it easy since her marriage ended in divorce after a tragic event.

When Lucas and Talia meet up after ten years apart, the sparks fly again.

Sometimes your knight in shining armor turns out to be a hard-handed mechanic in well-worn work boots who won’t take no for an answer. Will they find their way back to each other? Or will the past be too much to overcome?

Wynter’s Waif

There he sits, my ex-husband’s lawyer. My son is spending Christmas in California, which is a long way from Blizzard, while the scheming man sits there as if he hadn’t shattered my life. Control myself? Be nice? Not happening.

I do my job well, and she hates me for it. I’ve got to change that; hate is not what I feel for her. She needs to learn I really do know what is best, and I know how to teach her that lesson

Sailor’s Search

All I wanted was a family. Who knew I’d find love in the process? I’ve never had a man in my life; not a father, not a boyfriend. Then I met Kevin, who seemed to be all the things I’ve ever craved. Well, mostly.

I never believed in love at first sight until I saw Sailor. From that moment on, she was all I wanted. What she wanted was something else. Am I man enough to give her what she not only wants but needs?

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“Why didn’t you tell me about this stalker?” he demanded.

“None of your business?” she offered, trying a weak smile.

“Maybe not, until it came to my house,” he said, sounding irritated at best. “Then it was. But you said nothing. That was inexcusable, and simply not telling me about what was going on in the first place is a very close second.”

“I thought about it,” she protested, “but then you told me to go home, so I couldn’t.”

“Me telling you I’d put the dogs up made your mouth quit working?” he asked, while leaning against the small island that separated the kitchen from the bedroom in his small studio.

“No, sir,” she said, slowly. “But.”

“Yes, but,” he said. “I am not going to have you put yourself in danger. I’m not going to have you put my mom in danger. And not telling me what was really going on, and lying to me about it is completely unacceptable.”

Stormy’s eyes flew to the straight back chair and the hairbrush on it. No. Just no. So, why did her stomach flip and she suddenly feel damp? Nerves. She knew he was capable of, well, her mind refused to go there. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

“Damn right you won’t and I’m going to make sure of it,” he said and took her arm. Once again her feet followed him over. She planned to have a very long talk with them once this was over. No more cute shoes for you, silly feet! She couldn’t imagine this being over. She was going to be in the limbo of shock, guilt and disbelief forever. She could tell.

Astounded, she found herself staring at the carpet. Seriously. Well, maybe it was an area rug? She couldn’t remember now. Her breath puffed out, as her belly hit his legs. She suddenly forgot about the size or color of the carpet at all, as he brought the hair brush down. Her cotton shorts were not much protection and she yelped.

“Hey! Wait, wait!” She wasn’t ready for this at all.

Oddly enough he didn’t answer her, or seem to even hear. The hairbrush slammed down repeatedly while she yelped and wiggled and tried to focus her brain on what was happening. Yeah, she remembered this, both this position and this feeling. How come you forget how much a spanking hurt until you are in the process of getting one? She tried to squirm off his lap, but he held her firmly and nothing seemed to deter him from applying the hairbrush over every inch of her bottom. She tried to keep quiet but then let out a small sob, that sounded like, even to her, a pitiful wail. Was it never going to be over? This hurt and hurt badly. She hadn’t been spanked in a very long time, and her bottom was not accustomed to this.

However, before it had barely begun she was up on her feet again, feeling both sets of her cheeks burning. She wanted to slide her hands inside her shorts and rub but settled for rubbing on the outside. Cade reached up and wiped a lone tear from her other cheek. His finger felt good. She glared at him anyway.

“Next time anything like this happens, there will be a lot more where that came from. Do you understand me, young lady?”

She nodded reluctantly. Wondering why she wasn’t pissed off at him, why she wasn’t anything more than embarrassed?

“Say it,” he said.

“I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” she whispered.

He held his arms out to her and there went her silly feet, rushing to them. Giving a hiccupping sob, she snuggled into them and never wanted to be anywhere else. Which was ridiculous.

Cade picked her up and carried her to the bed. “Now, tell me what’s going on?” he demanded, settling her on his lap. She liked it here. It made her feel safe and content and leaning her head against his shoulder seemed right. Her brain still didn’t comprehend that he’d just spanked her.

“You heard what happened when I told Gwen,” she said. “Flowers. Nothing more until today.”

“Any clues who would write lies on your house in paint?” he asked and she melted. He knew it was a lie.

“I don’t sleep around,” she said anyway.

“No one said you did,” he replied. “But you aren’t married or taken, so having sex with someone isn’t illegal.”

Suddenly, she felt hurt. She wanted to be taken, or spoken for, or whatever the term was, by him. Just him. Always him. But this wasn’t about that.