He’s come back for her. She has no idea. What could go wrong?

As a teenager, Asten Moore-Rankin fell in love for the only time when he agreed to travel to Nova Scotia for a family summer vacation. He has a summer fling with a local girl and wonders what if… After a fun summer, Asten’s parents are heading for divorce and he leaves for college thinking Natalie will be best forgotten. Love doesn’t exist.

Natalie Mullins is smitten with the handsome city boy, with a heavy hand. He’s sexy, stern and for a while, hell bent on making the enchanting beauty his. He breaks her heart at the end of the summer and Natalie has no choice but to move forward with her life and provide for the surprise Asten left her with.

Fourteen-years later Asten returns to the area to open a new business still thinking about the love he left behind, when he gets a surprise visit. After all these years, the sparks still fly when he hears Natalie Mullin’s name. Now the trick is to get her to fall in love with him again, after such a clear mistake has been made.

This contemporary romance is intended for adults only and contains elements of mystery, second-chance love, betrayal, sensual themes, redemption, adult themes and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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The build was growing, the elastic pull of her insides was tightening, anticipating a fall into ecstasy at any second. A smack on her ass threw her over as Asten plunged in as hard and fast as he could.

The smacking of his balls on her butt was almost as hot as the fullness of his cock to her senses. He felt it coming and watched in blissful satisfaction as Nat’s body tightened in his hands and her scream rang out over the water.

It was as amazing as an eagle’s cry echoing over a mountain.

Deep, natural, and chilling.

Asten praised her, watching happily as she rode the wave. His dick urged for release at the contorting of her face. He sparked that reaction. It was him making the woman he loved scream in pleasure. The feeling was truly better than anything money could buy.

“You’re so goddamn beautiful, Natalie,” he whispered, increasing his pace again to follow her into bliss. “I could never get sick of hearing that cry cross your lips.”

Growing with another wave of pleasure, Nat was surprised when she heard him ask, “Do you trust me?”

She nodded hesitantly.

She wasn’t sure what she was agreeing to, but if it made him keep doing what he was doing to her body, she’d agree in a heartbeat. Sliding his hand to her throat he softly pushed restricting her airway in mock role play. Nat didn’t struggle, in fact her eyes locked on his, trustingly before closing her eyes. He nipped her ear as he speared inside of her. “That’s a good girl, I want you to get used to the sound of my voice. You may not come until I say. When I say come, again, you have five seconds to obey me or you will go to bed frustrated. If you try and touch yourself without my permission, I’ll handcuff you to my bed when we get back and whip your ass and pussy.”

Her body let out a shiver at the thought of him spanking her cunt.

“I want you to listen to my voice love, and keep those eyes closed tightly. I want to own every inch of your body, Nat.”