Determined former saloon girl, Stormy Cooper, starts a new life as a doctor’s assistant. What does she care if the rumor concerning her new employer is true? Who cares if he is gruff and rude? Stormy has dealt with gruff, demanding men her entire life. Why should Dr. Tucker Anderson be different? Everything should be fine as long as she can keep her past life a secret. But she did not figure on falling in love. Will Tucker want her if she tells him about her past?

Tragedy defines Dr. Tucker Anderson’s life. He’s built a wall around his heart, a wall no one can tear down. At least that’s what he believed until he set eyes on his new assistant. The moment Tucker meets the little redhead with emerald green eyes, she pulls every possessive and protective string in his heart.

Fate finds them in a compromising position, resulting in an unexpected marriage. The sparks between them grow to love, but is their love strong enough to endure the truth of their pasts?

Stormy’s Love is an instant true-love story, set in the 1880s. It is book two of the Lost Ladies series but can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains a theme of power exchange.

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Tucker’s eyebrows pinched together, digging deep furrows into his forehead. “I’m glad you are not fully dressed. It’ll save me some time.”

Tucker advanced, and Stormy retreated. When she backed into the wall, Tucker grabbed her by her upper arm and dragged her to the exam table. He leaned her over the table.

“Well, Mrs. Anderson, I believe I told you your next spanking would be on the bare.”

“Please, Tucker, what did I do?”

“You, my dear little one, cursed, were disrespectful, and are fighting me when I’m trying to take care of your health.”

She felt him untying her drawers. Stormy panicked and tried to fling herself off the table, earning herself a smack on her bottom and her husband’s hand resting on the middle of her back, holding her down.

With his one free hand, Tucker pushed her drawers down to her knees. Stormy wished a hole would open and suck her into it. Three smacks and the tears dropped.

“Stormy Anderson, you will not curse, and you will not be disrespectful.”

Four more strikes hit her bottom, and the sting was turning into a burn. Sobs racked her body, but Tucker remained silent. Spanks and swats continued to volley, assaulting her backside.

“Please, Tucker,” she wailed and kicked, “I’m so sorry.”

Stormy was certain her bottom was blazing red. Tucker added four more smacks to the area where her bottom met her thighs, sending Stormy into a bellowing veil of tears. She didn’t realize he had stopped until her sizzling skin encountered her drawers, causing her to hiss. Tucker turned her upright, then he picked her up. He carried his precious cargo into their parlor, grabbing a small blanket that lay on the back of the sofa as he walked by. He sat in the rocking chair and tucked the blanket around her. She buried her face into his chest and cried.

“Everything is all right, darling girl. I have you, all is forgiven, and you are safe. But you must not fight me when I’m trying to take care of you.”

Tucker stroked her head and kissed her forehead. He rocked her, speaking tender words until she fell asleep in his arms.