Submissive Love by Carolyn Faulkner

I had known of Arik Southgate for all my life, it seemed.

But apparently, he knew much more about me.

Wealthy, easy on the eyes and overwhelmingly male and dominant, Arik Southgate was everything I’d ever wanted in a man, and, surprisingly, he seemed to want me, too. After my recent disastrous relationship, it felt good to be an object of desire again. He made me feel as if I was the only woman on the planet for him – he paid attention, close attention – to me, and he didn’t hesitate to call me on what he considered to be bad behavior.

I’d never had anyone spank me before, and perhaps I should have started out with someone who wasn’t three times my size. Before I knew it, he proposed marriage, pulling a “yes” out of me in a very sneaky, very sensual manner.

He’s more than a handful in many ways, but then, so am I. As Alpha as he always is, I always feel loved and protected, even when my bottom’s on the line.

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