Derek’s tried everything to get Gina’s attention: flirting, asking her out on dates, and when that fails, fabricating guys’ nights at his friend’s house when she’s studying with Nate’s wife. Despite his best efforts, she turns him down every time, refusing to explain why. Finally, after Nate and Connie’s wedding, he gets his chance and makes a move – only to have her run out on him in the morning. After that, she dodges him for a week, leaving Derek fed up and aggravated, yet still wanting more of her. So he takes matters into his own hands, determined to show her that they’d be perfect together… even if he has to do it over his knee.

Gina knows Derek’s interested in her – how could she not with him asking her for a date every time they see each other? But she knows they wouldn’t be a good match. Sure, he’s good looking, smart, and an all-around nice guy, but she has needs. Needs that only a certain kind of man can fulfill, and Derek’s never given her any hint that he’s that type of man. 

Will Derek be able to break through Gina’s tough exterior and make her realize that if she just gives them a chance, she might be surprised with what she finds? Will Gina be willing to compromise and let Derek lead their relationship, even if it means giving up some control of her life?  


Publisher’s Note: This is a newly edited and revised version. 



“You did good Princess, and I’m proud of you for taking your spanking so well.” She blushed at his praise which he found cute but odd since she’d just had her naked ass over his knee and her panties were still tangled around her thighs leaving her pussy a bare distraction two feet below his eyes. His gaze drifted down and his cock hardened further at the sight of her kneeling between his feet.

“Now you’re going to spend the next ten minutes thinking about how you can control your temper in the future so we don’t have to have this discussion again,” he said, needing to move this forward so they could play.

Gina was watching him with big eyes and a look on her face that went straight to his gut when she nodded her agreement.

“And you’re going to do your thinking in the corner.”